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« Отговор #15 -: 20 Януари, 2009, 20:16:33 pm »
I wanted to ask you ... does your hits must be strong enough for someone to feel it to be encounted for, or it doesn't matter how strong you hit?

Well, I'm quite a new player, but I've been told that I have to hit strong enough for the other to feel (else he wouldnt count a point less) but not so strong to hurt much. But there can be (and is) much arguing about this cause when you think you hit someone not so hard, it turns out that he had felt pain and things like this, but who comes to LARP, has to expect to go home with a couple of bruises and swellings, i think  :P


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« Отговор #16 -: 20 Януари, 2009, 21:17:46 pm »
thats good :)
I already got the same answer from your brother-in-arms George :)
I have sent him our rules :) but on Serbian language. He has a frend that speaks our language and he will translate it on Bulgarian :) He did me a great favor, so I don't have to translate it to English :)
When you see our rules, please, tell me what you think!
Among you there is many veterans in larping and we need sugestions from someone that has more XP in larp ;)