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Lt. Hellen Frost

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Comments and After Game Discussion
« -: 17 Август, 2016, 20:38:49 pm »
With appologies for the delay, dear friends, I give you a translation of three main posts from the Bulgarian forum - that of myself and George "Zeratul" as main organizers, and that of "Gadina Prokleta" whom you know as the leader of the Noldor clan - main organizer of the STALKER LARP series.

I was thinking of writing an analysis in English first, but then I dismissed the idea. The lesser reason was that it would have taken much more time. The greater reason was that I wanted you guys to feel as much as possible as a part of our community with all the debates and discussions and also the problem solving by debate. So please dismiss anything you don't quite understand and/or is out of context for you - or ask of you are interested; and also the peppery language at some points.

At the same time it would be madness to go for translating ALL the posts. So I very much hope that based on the three posts we might have a meaningful discussion.

Excuse the lousy translation at spots - we were in a hurry.

Thank you, Garett, for the help with translations.

Lt. Hellen Frost

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Re: Comments and After Game Discussion
« Отговор #1 -: 17 Август, 2016, 20:44:23 pm »
Hellen's post:

Hello friends!

Thank you for the nice reviews here and on Facebook and for the very useful feedback.

This entry will consist of three parts: 1) Statistics; 2) Thanks and 3) comments on the game as a whole; Comments and suggestions on your remarks.

1) Statistics

- Participants: 184
- Of these non-Bulgarians: 45 incl. Serbia - 28, Greece - 13, Spain (Basque Country) - 1, UK - 1 Georgia - 1 Argentina - 1.

2) Thanks

The first thing I have to say that this LARP in this its, I do reckon, success in terms of a step forward, is due to an entire team of organizers that keeps growing. It is this, and the collective contribution of its members that led to the result, which we attended. This team includes:

- Ilina Konakchieva "Hellen" and George Vlaykov "Zeratul" - main organizers and GM;
- Vasil Vasilev "Baron Saturday" - GM and Chief Quest Master;
- Andrei Andreev, "Orin" - GM, Lore Master and chief officer for magic rules and their application;
- Martin Markov "Lox Ara'dia" - GM, Lore Master and Rector of the Mage Academy;
- Stoyko Sinapov "Morgan Webber" - GM, author of the economic system and chief responsible for the Tavern
- Stefano Sottocorna "Esteban" - organizer for the Tavern and the Town;
- Christian Prodanov "Amras" - the main "culprit" for the construction of the Town and organizer of the tournament.

Thank you, dear colleagues and friends, for all the efforts and huge amount of time invested so that we can get there!

The LARP would not have succeeded without the constant support of the representatives of different factions who selflessly participated in numerous preliminary discussions, conversations and consultations, including Alexander Krasnaliev "GraHaz" (Band of the Red Hand), Kiril Dragomirov "Azar", Chairman of the LARP-Bulgaria Association, Irena Mitkova "Kosara", Lazar Kyosev "Sevar" (clan Dulo); Peter Lozev "Tyrion," Lubomir Kashilski "Vizimir", Nikolay Nikolov "Siegfried" (Warriors of the Seven Hills); Kamen Futekov "Decius," Pavel Slavov "Bogom", Kiril Kirilov "Varg", Elena Kamenova "Aerie" and Victoria Gamolova "Morro" (East Wind), Ventsislav Petrov "Feros" (Dark Guard), Vasil Vladimirov "Zanuka" (Sand Blades), Tsvetomir Tsvetkov "Morose" (Bdin), Borislav Nikolov "Arinoks" and Vasil Kalov "Zamennor" (Sea Wolves).

Special admiration for the people, who without being neither main organizers nor "masters" of anything, invested a lot of time and effort, without being obliged to do so, for a good game for all of us - Stoyko and Stefano for the Tavern and Chris for the Town and the Tournament.

In this line thanks to Yuli for all the help with things that might be small, but we did not have the time for them, and without those many little things much stuff would have failed.

Special thanks to the Sand Blades for the Infirmary, without which the resurrection mechanics would not be in place! Thank you for making your fortress with a lot of effort and investment - although it is your own fortress, the structures on the ground are crucial to the game as a whole, complementing with their presence and vision to the entire grounds and players' immersion.

Thanks to Morro/Morgana who provided variety in the game with the many interesting and entertaining things, unrelated, for a change, to the usual political and magical stuff!

Thanks to Vasko "Zamennor", who made a great monster!

Thanks to Irena - the Druid, who made again the Grove and kept in motion the monster quest together with the Baron.

Thanks to the Warriors of the Seven Hills, whose fortress has cost the most man-days of work and money and was a main key to the game, contributing for the immersion of everyone, whether provoking admiration or hatred ingame. Thank you for the understanding and sensitivity to me when urgent GM activities pressed me.

Much in the same order, thanks to Dark Guard for the work on their fortress and for the house that I consider the most “roleplay” structure on the field  (+10 on “ingame”, and, guys, I do want to live there), Marty and Christo's support during and after the LARP, and all of you - who made the preparation time before the LARP  so pleasant and filled it with Music.

Thanks to  Vlado "NogarKaz" for the help with driving people, safe storage of valuables and the very relevant arbiter interventions.

Thanks to Kostadin "Ghoul" for costructing that  fire cooking thingie and for the support during the game. For the latter thanks in particular to Lyubo "Vizimir" and Siegfried - you know why.

Thanks to the Mage Academy for not being upset with us moving the Academy location.

Thanks to Bogi for involving our friends from Greece and communicating actively with them.

Thanks to all the other Bulgarian players who helped with different things, without which the entire enterprise would not work.

Thanks to all non-Bulgarian players, who trusted us – some of them once again – and traveled hundreds (and some - thousands kilometers) to play with us.

Thanks to everyone for coming to the game.

Thanks for the wonderful and constructive feedback, some here, some verbally; I would like particularly mention Pancho of Noldor here.

I would like to specifically note Bobby the Sunflower Seed Seller. There is a special RP prize for him, on which very many players strongly insisted and will be prepared these days.

If I have missed someone, please forgive me, surely I love you.

3) Comments and suggestions

3.1.I will not comment here complaints of rules violations, prohibited strikes and careless play. It happens every time, unfortunately; there are arbiters and the corresponding sanctions envisaged either have been or will be imposed.

3.2. The Mage Academy - we took the risk of moving the academy elsewhere on the grounds. I think that that risk has proven to be justified and definitely it was better for the game this way, than if we had left it where it was. It did look great and did work great; next time will make it even better.

3.3. The Town and the Tavern - we have made made a significant progress compared to previous games. We shall consider enlarging the tavern and make more tables and benches - it will be done for the next game.

3.4. The Infirmary


First, mechanic wise, the Infirmary stays. I think it works and this form of  an "upgraded resurrection spot" is quite practical, not to mention how prevalent it is in different variations in games abroad.


Quote: Searas в 09 Август 2016, 08:16:43
1. On behalf of all Blades, we discussed it and at the next event we will not deal with Infirmary. We are not NPCs !!!
End of quote

Oh, really? Stanley, I can say that I fully understand what you're talking about. Indeed, without any irony. 5 years I feel like that every LARP. We have discussed this several times – that it will be hard for you and that it will limit your game. Nevertheless, you guys took it upon you. I guess it has  been very difficult to imagine in advance what it would really mean. 78 hours of play roughly per 16 (? Blades - that means roughly five hours per person. I think your schedule could have been a little better optimized, but this is not a criticism, because we are doind that for the first time. I would make it 2 shifts for 2 and a half hours each, and would not be so heavyish. I do really thank you.

My suggestion is next time to hire a couple of people to do that job.

Quote: Нилфир в 09 Август 2016, 12:35:06
1.The Infirmary: The idea is functional, BUT:
- It is not adequate for someone to come and kill the entire infirmary, whilst we still have to resurrect them anyway by duty. The same goes for people who were sent on assignments and who do not fulfill them out of spite. As stated at the beginning of the game, we are not NPC's and we should be able to resurrect or refuse treatment to people on our discretion – same as The Bank used to do before. It might "ruin someone's game" but these are the consequences of their actions.
End of quote


My suggestion is next time to hire a couple of people to do that job. (yes, I copy-pasted that).

3.5. The points on the map

I continue to believe that it was good and it works. Quite deliberately it was more difficult. I wanted to challenge you physically - to move around a little more, and intellectually - to put a little more thought in reading the map and planning strategy and tactics.

I accept the criticism of Pancho though, that it was a little too hard, especially for some of the points, and that it would be good to put more landmarks on the map, especially to mark the main roads with lines because in the process of fantasising the Google Earth map they became not well visible.

I do not accept the proposal to put terrain markers leading to each point (eg ribbons in different colors on the trees and such). I do not accept that it was "too far" (guys, move a little those asses of yours, it's a shame I have to say that to people who look 7 times fitter than I do). I do not accept that the map is not correct (it was made with GPS).

3.6.The plague

Quote: Нилфир в 09 Август 2016, 12:35:06
The Plague was interesting ... in the beginning. A dose of panic, flavored with some mystery, paranoia everywhere, etc. However, after the second day the enthusiasm of the plagued plummeted and most of them decided to totally fuck it odd - when the plague in question takes quite a lot of your LARP time, it's not cool because you don't have the time for the more dynamic things. And the fact that you can not protect yourself, even with gloves, scarfs, etc., is also a minus. I heard rumors that the next game the disease will continue spreading and I hope this time it is made better.
End of quote

Dully noted. The dudes with plague kept me informed, but frankly I had neither the time nor the desire to follow this very closely. I think  it provided some  good moments, as you say, but for the next game we should improve the mechanism.

3.7.The Quests

There were two main quest lines:
1) a military-political – the war and the points
2) a mystical  one – the monster.

In addition there were other smaller quests, mainly through Morgana and Orin, and some others, and we think they went well.

Quote: Нилфир в 09 Август 2016, 12:35:06
- Yes, it was announced that this LARP will be a battle one - hence the rewards for almost all quests were battle elixirs ... this is somewhat to the detriment of players like me who honestly did not come for the mass fights, but just to deal with any fanciful quests – role-playing oriented. Along this line, I liked very much the water demon in the bottle (a bottle  labeled “evil spirits” accidentally dropped in the Tavern - what could go wrong...  ).
End of quote

So there were some quests for you after all...   

Quote: Searas в 09 Август 2016, 08:16:43
2. How can one of the largest factions on the field have no quests for them, because we are not a clan, but a guild?
End of quote


Now, first, for me as GM, a clan is any group of people playing together with common goals. You can name yourself whatever you wis – a guild, a club, or the league of extraordinary.
Second, many times I have been told that you want to be neutral, but being mercenaries and rent people to others who would hire you. If I am not mistaken, this is the main game of the Blades - or am I wrong? In this situation, specifically what missions expecially and only for you were expected? I do not understand. For the next game we will surely discuss how to improve the game for you, but with this initial background it did not even occur to me to make missions especially for you.

3.8. The breaking of the game on Saturday and the balance between the factions

I left this issue for further in the post with a purpose.
The simple truth is that this game broke really bad.
Fortunately, it broke on such a global level, that it mostly did not affect the individual play of the majority of players.

I have a serious criticism here to the Green Banner, East Wind and the Sand Blades.

I especially went to Serbia to talk to the Green Banner, to explain the situation, the setting and to ask whether they would fight and, specifically, whether they would fight on the opposite side of the 7 Hills. The guys understood, said yes we agree, and did not stick to that at the game. Had they said no, we insist on not fighting, or no, we insist on deciding on the spot, I would have thought of some other scheme. But in that situation I was comfortable that I have two armoured factions on each side of the big conflict.

East wind completely correctly said they did not wish to define in advance. The Sand Blades said generally that they are mercenaries, so it is going to be whoever pays more. With the amount of money Dulo had, I was assured that if they failed to employ them, it would be their own fault.

What happened and what I saw. Dulo were allies with the Red Hand and naturally teamed with Noldor. But then "Empire" card was played by East Wind and all 16 people piled in front of the fortress that had to be defended for the war on Saturday afternoon. East Wind also brought the Red Hand (whatever the plans of the Red Hand were – we don't know that). Morose hired the Sand Blades. The Green Banner came, to watch and "keep the peace”or something As a result, I found a gathering of  about 80 people in front of the fortress, which Dulo had to attack. As I tried to disband it, I was told “but no, we are here for a totally in-game purpose”

Yes, you might have been, it is true. It might have been very logical and consistent that Dulo took a bite too big thus turning 2/3 of the world against themselves.
I will go back to something I have written in a post after the last year's winter LARP when so many people got so offended.

Guys, stop justifying your actions with some in-game logic and claiming that you are so sorry you have screwed someone or something, but, you see, this is how your character/your faction/the situation in question is in-game wise and therefore you refuse to break your own game.

You don't think Dulo are retards who cannot count, do you?

The dudes from Dulo entered hell aggressively with all the wars in order to ensure the battles and a good game for all – for themselves, for the 7 Hills, and everyone there who likes fighting. Respectively, when we were making the game mechanics, we provided for tactical and other opportunities that could compensate for some small difference in the numbers. But you guys did not get it, and compiled an effective group of 80 people who were waiting for 15 to attack. Well they are not imbeciles. Here I would like to say a good word for Tyrion and the 7 Hills, who tried their best to not be involved in this and all the time were trying 1) to drive all the people out of their fortress, which fortress is very cool, but it was not ok for all to be hanging there all the time; 2) to divide their people, send out regiments for not particularly needed field missions; 3) to refrain from excessive attacks; 4) to maintain the image of assholes to provoke alliance against them; 5) to not help Bdin and set the Dark Guard to keep their fortress, which was .. not particularly necessary.
For the hardcore roleplayers who like spending time playing private RPs in the FOG setting and/or D&D, the logic, consistency, coherence in their characters' actions is extremely important. For me it is important too. However, in D&D all players normally belong to one party that plays against the stuff – situation, opponents – created by the Dungeon Master. The experienced DM can compensate or not even allow any disballance, because she possesses the means to do that and to be in control. The DM invents and puts inside the game the NPCs, defines how strong the would be, and, generally, what would happen. At LARP that is not the situation, because you play against other “parties”- larpers, who are your friends in real life, and the GM cannot come up out of her sleeve with a trick to compensate, like fictional allies, or raising the opponent challenge rating or whatever the colleagues DMs call it. We all need to keep being aware that we are together in this, and, that the other guys, who might be our enemies in this game, but in real life are our friends, also deserve to have good time at the game. Sometimes this requires us to draw back and to manipulate somewhat at least our in-game logic and action consistency.

So Dulo, Noldor and allies, of course, did not show up to die.The guys did some other awesome stuff and had some fun. I guess. But this is not OK, guys. It is not OK to make an alliance of 80 vs 20, when the entire game has been balanced otherwise based on preliminary talks with you. It is not OK to call upon fictional realities, such as the Empire, and be very strictly logical and consistent, without giving a shit that maybe 20 people are screwed. This is egoistic, I am sorry to say it, but it is.

As a result, the entire Saturday afternoon part failed.

We made a GM council after that with the participation of the leaders of the main clans. A few possible script scenarios have been discussed to correct the situation and the one, which was most to the liking of all was selected. The outcome of this was te disbanding of the Empire, which was performed quite well imo and not too wtf. We are now getting back to an older status quo with more main factions and tactical, rather then permanent alliances. Thanks to all the clan leaders who participated in this outcome and with great consideration and also role play set the basis for a better game next time. 

3.9. Pre-registration and tickets

Guys, it was terrible again - some people chasing me on the grounds during the game to give me  money for various stuff and me not daring pass any near hut to avoid being attacked with offgame questions. I plan in advance tickets for FOG 2017, as all international games and just hire someone to register on the spot. Things like “I am looking for an organize" at 02:30 in the morning are not acceptable to me. Sorry. The game is big enough already; too big for spontaneous decisions to come. If something really went wrong for someone preventing them to come, we might think of a refund but that's the most.
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Re: Comments and After Game Discussion
« Отговор #2 -: 17 Август, 2016, 20:47:29 pm »
Zeratul's post:

Good morning from me as well!

First of all, a big “Thank you!” to everybody who came, had fun and made all the hard work that our team did in order to create a good game that was even better than the last worth it.

With a lot of international players coming this year, I was glad that many people looked quite impressed as I showed them around the site. While we were going around the various camps everybody was able to see how the other clans and factions had prepared for the game and it was nice to see so many of you take inspiration for things such as gear, or camp placement and decorations. Thank you! Things such as these create a good atmosphere for the game and give each clan/faction an unique style.

I would like to congratulate the arbiters, who showed their effectiveness and reassured us of our choice with their appropriate interventions. The stop of the night battle was a VERY good call. With such a dynamic day part, I don’t believe anybody’s… ego suffered just because a battle was stopped, especially one that had the potential to have me driving to the nearest hospital. Apart from that there were a few cases of people being punished for breaking the immersion and offgame behaviour. Once again, thank you arbiters! I want you even more hyped and vigilant next time, so that we can have an even cleaner game.

The people responsible for the town deserve a prise! My only grudge is that the town was a little too dark at times- I am thinking of improving the nighttime lighting. The Infirmary definitely works as a concept, but like everything else it needs good execution. And it comes with its responsibilities. Stanly. Responsibility such as this almost always leads to a little less fun, but you’ve already figured this out the hard way. Ah well. Nothing too bad has happened. It’ll now just be easier for you to consider the idea that I’ve been proposing for a couple of years now- to hire people who I can rely on to be there 24/7, and not break the game for anybody. The good thing is that this problem is easily solved- we just need a little funds and some organisation.

The mages were great, they helped the atmosphere a lot and the academy was situated quite nicely. The old spot wouldn’t have been nearly as nice. I’m glad that I’m seeing development and that their magic, as well as lectures are getting even more and interesting and in-depth, rather than “I’ll now just hang around here and pretend I’m listening, just so that I can later learn some stuff by heart and go around burning people with my sword/staff”. The things that you created and are continuing to expand on diversify the game and provide people with many more opportunities for RP interactions, quests and battles.

Any criticism?
Well, here you go.

1) There were people that were constantly going offgame. Jarringly so. They were warned - I hope that they will have learned their lesson by next time.
2) There were people who were expecting completely unrealistic things from us at 2:30 in the morning, were chasing Hellen and were unable to organise themselves in even the most basic way, nor acquire simple information, such as when and where I would be arriving, with whom, ect. (Guys, please get over your ego and stop thinking that you know everything. JUST ASK. I can save you a lot of time and nerves if you make the effort to ask “WHAT CAN I DO NEXT TOME SO I CAN HAVE A BETTER TIME AT THE GAME?” I’m thinking of making a topic titled like this btw.)
3) The traps. Denis, dude, it was like you didn’t even try. For a year they can build us a spaceship. I pointed you to a guy who was very familiar with the subject matter. I told you like a 1000 times to make use of him- it’s free (otherwise in his working hours he takes a lot of money per hour just for consulting). I even persuaded him to help you however he could, and he can do a lot. Well…. nope. For such a long time we don’t even have 5 identical traps that work and I had to call Bogom and other friends who graduated engineering for help/ Not only that, but you could also have asked for some funds to make sure that the traps get done more quickly and easily, but… nope! I’m taking responsibility for the traps now and they’ll be done for the next campaign. That’s a promise!
4) Look, I can make a great and impenetrable RP argument in favour of ANYTHING. Yes, but Roleplaying in its purest form sometimes breaks the game not only for the 25 who get sick and tired of getting destroyed for 4 days, but also for the 100-something others who spend 6 hours waiting and are dying of boredom waiting for something to attack them, but the scariest things in the forest are the bunnies… I was there when the absurdity with Bdin happened. After that all the GMs got together and started thinking. We had no big desire to script things and nor did you. I was personally enjoying the peace, but it was definitely not the case for everyone. So we carefully adjusted what we could and made sure that it was, first, AS LITTLE AS WE HAD TO and second,  THAT WE TOLD EVERYBODY SO THAT WE WOULDN’T SURPRISE THEN WITH A DECISION MADE MID-GAME AND BREAK THE ENTIRE GAME.
5) Spawn-camping Crow. It was NOT OK. It was probably seen as necessary ingame, but people’s lack of imagination boiled down to “We killed him. To the infirmaty so we can do it again!”.
6) The infirmary refusing to service somebody is NOT OK and will never be.
7) It is NOT OK for people to not know even basic rules and to forget, accidentally or not, about things that were discussed previously, since that ended up leading to a GM council on SATURDAY EVENING.

We have ideas for a lot of improvements both for the organisation and the game itself and everything you might have to add would be more than welcome. You can write either here or at the e-mail of the FOG LARP. The international participants as a whole enjoyed themselves and we’ll be inviting more for the next game. We need to grow and improve everything. And this will come true if there is visible growth and a solid community. Me, Hellen and the others will do what we can, but we are also relying on you.

That’s it from me.
We’ll be making small debriefing sessions one group at a time- remember everything constructive that you think of.

Greetings to everybody.

Lt. Hellen Frost

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Re: Comments and After Game Discussion
« Отговор #3 -: 17 Август, 2016, 20:50:39 pm »
Gadina Prokleta's post:

► To the organizers (and all others with a similar function for the game)

I'm amazed to say that perhaps for the first time I have no criticism to Zeratul, Hellen and generally to the organizers of this LARP. To be written somewhere: it was a wonderfully organized LARP, with a meaningful gameplay; with a good balance between freedom of choice and quests - intermediate events in the game. I'm fascinated how the organizers have thought not only what can be done during the game but also how it would be brought to the attention of the players.
In particular, the story with the plague was very well conducted by Morgana and East Wind: it was well explained in writing with prepared notes in two languages, with great roleplay; at the same time - served in a way that allows all those who would feel they are not interested, to not be obliged to  engage too much (e.g. I postponed my check with Morgana, which would reveal that I'm sick, but I used the suspicion that I was sick as a reason for role-playing interactions).
In-game prices were reasonable; starter money was sufficient and had the purchasing power within reasonable limits. In general, as a gameplay nerd, I'm super happy

The organization of the Town and the neutral faction functions were well. There is much to be done by the players themselves, but I hope that this will come with time. The Infirmary was reasonable, but here's an idea: instead of paying or alongside it, we may consider incurable consequences after dying, which include occasional adverse effects, stirring in a different bag depending on the order of dying (1-3, 4 -10, 10+), with increasingly more severe effects after every next death - to encourage players to not die too lightheartedly  and to give additional reasons for RP. Actually also the plague, and even, if you like, a zombie apocalypse can be introduced in that form.

The fortifications, the Tavern and the general atmosphere were incredible. I think are approaching with quick steps the western LARPs (I hope also in numbers).

Once again - thank you! It was a brilliantly planned and conducted LARP! You did everything that depended on you.
Yet to stay true to myself: I think that quests should have had more serious awards, since most of them suggested activity of several groups of players, while the award was reduced to 2-3 lousy elixirs. Of course, in case of a broken balance between factions that would mean bad news for dramatically weaker faction, but ... on this – further below.

► To the other players like me and, especially, to the leaders of clans/guilds/factions.

Colleagues, you, however, are idiots. Kids acting as sulky children who did not get enough to play and  have no sense of shit. Now that I’ve provoked your fair indignation: no, I do not mean absolutely every one of you. But I want to lay out some facts.
- This was a battle LARP
- It was clear beforehand that there will be two "strong" clans from the "resistance": Noldor (8-10 fighters) and Dulo (7-8 fighters). They were joined by the valiant Silverhorn (5-6 fighters) and Ferumgard (3-4 fighters), and near the end of the game – by the Greeks, whose clans unfortunately do not remember (total 7-10 fighters). Aggregated, in our best moments, we gathered in the legendary numbers of 15-20 fighters. Very rarely we managed to gather more than 20 people, considering how many are scattered on the ground, dead in-game, resting off-game, etc.
- Opposing us we had the wonderful armoured and trained 7 Hills (32 fighters) in their impenetrable fortress. Very close to them resided the Dark Guard (20+ fighters) in their own fortress and the Sea Wolves (6-8 fighters). Across the grounds were East Wind (15-20 fighters?), somewhere around were hiding Bdin with several others; all had the obvious support of the Red Hand (5-6 fighters) and the hidden favour of the Sand Blades. And because all this was not enough to break the Resistance, you see, The Green Banner with their 20+ fighters also supported the Empire. We had encountered a total of at least about 100 fighters in various configurations, plus two wonderful big fortresses.

I assume that the numbers might not be precise for all mentioned factions, but that's not the point.

Each of those clans had several times more money than we did, so economically we were as well suppressed - where Bdin wastes gold for junk, Noldor counts silver to get resurrected.

My question is: how interesting is for you to play 100 people against 20 with crushing superiority in fortifications and money? Every time I declare Noldor against any strong alliance of players, exactly in order to have some fucking opposition in the game, instead of having all hug and love each other, while endlessly making intrigues  and imperial councils in Latin-American show style. I have even justified that  in our in-game clan history.

It is clear to me is how it is easier for you. As Zeratul noted as we talked about this - actually there are no cons to be in the Empire - only pros.

However I do not understand how, purely as fellow human beings, you cannot perceive that there is no way we can all be friends in-game and at the same time we have an interesting battle LARP.

At the end of LARP there was some of yours, which quite frankly wondered - but how come we are now here we to keep hold from Dulo for the war, and why they are not coming to attack us. I seriously doubt the intelligence of these guys. Are you, guys, imbeciles? Dulo had no in-game  reason to attack a fortress for a war they had already lost in other indicators (flags, personal IDs), neither a reasonable justification to commit suicide against three- and four times superior in numbers opponent. Noldor had even less justification for such a thing, yet, according to our announced philosophy and to do you at least a little fun, three (3!) Elves attacked a stronghold. Well, we died.

Do not get me wrong, I love the 7 Hills, and Guard, and all of you; I admire your armament, skills, fortresses and role play. I liked you, guys, in-game, off-game, from behind, and in every way.

But please just stop being so proud of how you have acted maturely and wisely and finally collapsed this bloody Empire. You did it in the last minutes of the LARP and for this game that had a ZERO effect.  You keep doing the same stupid thing for I don’t know anymore which consecutive time. I mean East Wind and the Guard, and even the Seven hills, though they have the least fault - alliances, empires and what not crap. I am asking once more – is it that you suffer an inferiority complex so severe that you need to win at any cost, or you simply do not understand the nature and consequences  of your actions? I mean off-game wise; in-game everything looks very justified.

Despite all the crap I did not come to you to rant during the LARP. On the contrary, the Elves of the Noldor built their own fort and watchtower, made a siege ladder and we would fight and sneak, attract allies, seized the Dark Guard Fortress  together with Dulo and it was the Noldor shooters who defended it even when Dulo retreated. We attacked night and day, and we had both our fights, and those of our allies.

The Sand Blades complained above that they were not supposed to be NPCs and due to obligations in the Town they could not make their fun. Well, dudes, what about us, maybe we did? We were placed in the role of a punching bag, yet we tried to make the game good both for our own sake and for yours – to the best we could. We do not owe you anything, still we made our best to provide for good battles in the LARP – even when there was absolutely no sense in them in-game wise.
And you keep staying in your fortresses, do nothing and wait for a werewolf or a Bog Monster to make your game for you. So when do you think to opt out of the roleplaying masturbation, to invent some schemes and to play them yourselves?
I say again, I was super cool to play with you because you're super cool dudes and chicks. But your wit is childish because you cannot divide 100 in 20 and grasp the meaning of the result.

If I need to offer a solution "how it should be done" – we would have had the best and most interesting game if the two large clans with fortresses of an arrow from one another (7 Hills and the Guard) had come up in the beginning with a reason for opposition, to declare war on each other and to attract allies among the other clans and guilds. Then we all we would enjoy the fucking coolest battle LARP with loads of battles, sieges, lurking, dirty tricks and generally complete program.  Instead of some having  their camp raided every 11 minutes (yes, chacked by clock) and others to be bored and just march around.

 ► To the Elves of Noldor

Dear elves
I can not describe how proud of you I am - especially those who managed to come to the last campaign and fight together.
In a few words - we were one of the two major forces of the Resistance - because where Dulo got a little lazy - we fought; in battles they missed as a lost cause - we showed up bravery; we were the only ones from our faction who had our own castle.
We were able to take  once the forts of the Dark Guard and Seven Hills. We had a guerrilla war against multiple and surpassing opponent repeatedly, day and night. Kaladin won first place in the tournament in archery.
We achieved that  mostly thanks to the incredible skills of Crow and Kaladin, the dedication  ofLas and cunning of Riel, the impenetrable armor of Laszlo and determination of Jan. You were amazing!
Moreover, we received as compensation from Bdin five lands in the south before the time as contracted some time ago by Domus.
For his merits and loyalty master Kaladin was raised to Knight hood before an honorary formation of Seven Hills
We had attacks, sieges, night combat, stealth, and even a wonderful bard evening together. I love you!

► To Silverhorn and Dulo

Guys, you're great fighters, great fellows and great company. It was an honor to fight (and drink) alongside you ^^