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Discussion on Balkan LARP and how to improve it
« -: 19 Септември, 2013, 09:44:20 am »
Hello there!

This is a discussion on some aspects of LARP on the Balkans provoked as a follow up after the game held in September 2013 in Bulgaria.It has been separated from the general thread on comments on the game itself after a request by the participants in the discussion.

Even if you have not participated in this particular game and feel you lack some context, the issues discussed are general -please do participate, your input is highly appreciated.

Lt. Hellen Frost


Hey, Vuk, and sorry for all the Bulgarian after a game with foreign guests  :) Seems like we will have to get used to writing our feedbacks/opinions in English - that is, if you keep visiting us  ;D

I will give here a short version of my feedback for the game; if any point seems interesting to you and you want to read more about it, just say so and i will elaborate on it.

+ First of all, I am glad to see that people are now paying more attention to their characters' appearance and making much better costumes compared to last years;
+ I also liked how the facilities on the terrain have improved - the fort, the tavern, the camps; I enjoyed that me and several more people also managed to put the cottages in the ingame world (that was, before bunches of tourists started arriving);
+ There were way fewer complaints of the fighting, compared again to previous games;
+ In our camp, we had quite awesome roleplaying moments, especially during the last two nights - chasing shadows and running around for every faint sound; looking for our leader in the pitch dark and finding him dying in the grass; sneaking around to check on other camps and chasing Varg all over the place when his character was loosing control :D
+ The game with the Hills and Bdin last night in our camp; the visit from the random orc and some masked man (man, you really hit the moment... we were expecting angry people to come at us wanting to kill us and then some masked creepy something appears... the fak...  ;D )
+ The conflict we started with the Guards. Seems that nowadays they are the only clan that responds to provoking in the right way - with fighting.  ;D Was a total "and now what?" moment, when they attacked us in the most unappropriate time for the whole game (4 people holding our leader not to run away and start killing, others trying to revive a mage that just calmed him down, in the middle of a f***ing forest) - awesome moment - it made me fight on Bulgarian LARP for the first time for three years.
+ I enjoyed spending 5 days camping in the beautiful place, having fun with old friends around;

- I had an impression that most of the people were there to camp, drink around the fire, see other people, walk around in their cool new costumes and if must be, maybe, just maybe, give it a bit of roleplay
- There were way to many random civilian tourists on the place. Even the unpleasant kind - the ones that throw their garbage all around, shout at you when you are trying to play/hide from someone and so on.
- There were quite few complaints/cheating/misunderstanding about the rules for magic. And as I heard, all the rules were a bit unclear for you, the Banner. I saw active participation of the Arbiters (the guys that have to interfere when they see cheating or not-allowed stuff) on a way too few occasions, from a way too few of the ones present.
- Most of the roleplay happened INSIDE the clans/groups. For me, there was way too few interaction between the players of different groups (im talking about the regular players - the leaders had their "big tent session" talking the same and the same for way too many time :D - but leaders have to enjoy stuff like that). Almost no one from the players now dares to do something without being allowed/ordered by their leader - that was not so in the past and it was way more fun. And im talking about the offgame attitude - "Nah, lets just lay here until the boss comes and tells us what to do, I'm too lazy to go and play with people on my own".
- The game started too late in the mornings, and for most people ended too early in the evenings. Especially after the big battle, we were trying to find some ingame people, but all around we found/heard only drunken offgame shouting.
- I still dont get it why people were so hard trying to take us to the wedding - in the fort of the very same clan that was trying to kill us during the whole day and that slayed our leader (i mean, it was sweet of the people that came to check if we are bored to death) but I have the feeling that much more interesting stuff may have happened if it wasnt for a bit meta-game gathering of the people to drink in the fort... and then also deciding to end the game, when we were close to provoking a conflict.
- The attitude of some people that not only didnt came for the game itself, but were ruining it for the others, walking around in everyday clothes, bottles of beer in their hands, shouting offgame bullshit in the middle of the people that were trying to play. As I already mentioned, before 1pm it was really hard to find someone in costume, not speaking about roleplaying; there were people in everyday clothes walking around, claiming that they are ingame and playing their character.
- To sum up, in my opinion the deffinition of a "good LARP" has changed a lot recently and the standards of the players have become very low. Moreover, there are fewer and fewer people coming to the games. I am still not sure why is this happening, but I think its something that each of us needs to give some thought to.

And yes, that was the short version of what I have to say after that game  ;D Enjoy reading  :lol:
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Re: Re: Отзиви
« Отговор #1 -: 19 Септември, 2013, 22:56:39 pm »
Thank you, Wind Child, for this short review. ( for the visiting moment ingame, Im so glad that it came right on time :D, I love those moments in larp, accidental awesomeness :D )

As you stated, and I concur, it would we very helpful for this community, for you to elaborate on certain subjects, as for:
-your vision of a perfect larp
-dealing with a offgame issues, and in general, individual definitions of comfortable game time
-interclan or intergroup relations for better inclusion of less aggressive  players on the filed
-metagame as a solution for some, offgame inhabiting problems

Thee could transfer in a whole new topic, if you find them overcrowding  for this one. i am eager to participate in that discussion, for it might be very beneficial to all larpers in the region. Thank you  :)



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Re: Re: Отзиви
« Отговор #2 -: 22 Септември, 2013, 13:57:55 pm »
A small correction  ;D I wrote:
- There were quite few complaints/cheating/misunderstanding about the rules for magic. And as I heard, all the rules were a bit unclear for you, the Banner. I saw active participation of the Arbiters (the guys that have to interfere when they see cheating or not-allowed stuff) on a way too few occasions, from a way too few of the ones present.
Of course, I meant "there were quite many;D The opposite would have been too utopical to be real.

For the points that you summarized, I can say that:

- Its pretty hard to define a perfect larp in details.You never know what will happen and if it will bring good or bad impression of the game. And it is up to each person of course. For me would be something like "A LARP, where people come to enjoy the game and where you can find something ingame to do all the time, with a clear border between in and offgame people and zones."
By something ingame to do I mean everything - talk, play, compete, figth - in general, having the conditions for it (a tavern, other facilities, the terrain itself and so on) and people willing to do it.
Also I love the idea of having restrictions for offgame people to pass in the ingame zone, no matter the reason (well if its the police, OK  :) ). I know its hard, but we are talking about perfect image here.

- Here its a hard topic again. 2011 and 2012 (since you started coming to our games) we were on a place where no random people came. But there was no hut, no showers and so on. So on one side you have people who can't sleep in tents (health condition, lack of equipement etc) and its not fair to rob them of the opportunity to come to the game, but on the other side, when you find a place closer to civilisation - happens what happened this year. I think that this goes to the organisers of each game - what they want to prioritize - having a comfortable game zone or having more "real life" comforts for the players.

- Of that, we have plenty. What i noticed recently is that a lot of clans start to close themselves up and only play inside the clan with their characters' relations. Thats cool, but on national games you should also interact with others. Recently, there is more for the "less aggressive" players to do on larps than for the ones who still like fighting. But its all up to the imagination of the players - if I want to fight so badly, I just kill the first person who wants to negotiate - voila, we have a war :D i think that less and less players take the initiative to make something happen and wait to see what others will do and what actions will it provoke from them.  And we go back to why people actually come to LARPs and what is their attitude.

- can you clarify a bit the last point, as I am not sure what you mean exactly.

And yes, that can go to a whole new international topic. That is in the power of the admins - maybe it belongs to the international session, as you already said you are interested in it. Maybe we can invite more representatives of other nations/groups to also join. Will be interesting to share and maybe find some solutions/ideas.

PS: sorry if my change of nicknames confused you :D i didnt notice i dont have my original one until you wrote it in your post :D


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Re: Discussion on Balkan LARP and how to improve it
« Отговор #3 -: 08 Ноември, 2017, 09:43:23 am »
It would be possible if I wanted to discuss these issues.