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Lt. Hellen Frost

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The Inception
« -: 15 Август, 2014, 17:02:16 pm »
The allied forces of the Kingdom of the Seven Hills and the Dark Guard are advancing decisively towards Varna. There is no other explanation for their movement, but an attempt to take possession  of the city  and the Bank headquarters. Will this union succeed in seizing  the most important financial instrument in the lands the same way as the Dark Guard seized the trade with spices a few months ago?

Mr. Morgan Webber,The Banker, was reported missing and is wanted by the Management Board. A bounty of 100 Dragons has been promised to anyone who brings him alive. It is said that two weeks ago Mr. Webber fled to theWest with the half of the Treasury. Is it a theft, treason or an attempted rescue of at least a part of the Bank’s resources?
The Bank has also sent a request for help to the western kingdom of Vanor and the Green Banner, proposing a generous reward and acquisition of lands near Varna. It seems that there is a controversy between this information and the rumors of Mr. Webber’s actions… how does all of this make sense?

Marian, Queen of Avanor, has abdicated from the throne. The Elvish lands have passed under the protectorate of Bdin according to a legal contract, which has not been challenged so far by the local lords who are keeping the power on their respective lands. Is the Supreme Lord of the Lands of Bdin and now also Lord Protector of Avanor trying to feed with a spoon too big for his mouth? Rumors of a pact between Bdin and the Heralds of Chaos are circulating, but how this alliance will help or harm the Supreme Lord? Whose side will they take when the Bank is attacked?


Additional information on the game setting and the Rules will be available in English at some point prior to the game.
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