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Lt. Hellen Frost

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Rules on Magic
« -: 27 Август, 2013, 20:13:17 pm »
Magic in our game

Translation by Orin Nightwhisper

In the past few years the field of the magic is constantly changing. Mages were unable to figure out what is happening and why. At the curent state the magic is "stable" but restricted.

1. A mage is every character capable of casting spells.

2. A mage is not able to cast spells if he/she is wearing metal armor and/or is holding a metal weapon at the time of casting. He is able to cast a spell only if the weapon is sheated, dropped or removed from their possesion.

3. All mages need funds for sustenance during each campaign - please refer to the economy rules. (*Economy rules have not been yet translated).  If the necessary funds have not been ensured for a character then the player of that character can't play
a mage in that campaign.

4. Casting spells is exhausting for a mage. He is able to cast only  a limited number of spells per day.

5. A day is the time between two nights. In order to regain the ability to use spells already used, a mage needs to spend 6 hours in a night sleep. The player of that character is free to either sleep for real or go offgame during his character's rest.

6. There are several magical orders in which a mage can specialize:

1) Order of Water (water/ice mages)
2) Order of Fire (fire mages)
3) Order of Life (priests, bards and healers)
4) Order of Death way (necromancers)
5) Order of Earth (druids and rangers)
6) Order of Avalon (Fey and special creatures)

7. Due to events related to the devastating magical wars in the ast, all magic users had to join a certain magical order. Being a member of an order, a mage recieves a magical seal that unlocks his powers and gives him access to all of the order's spells. A mage can be a member of one or of many orders, but for one campaign she can choose only one seal which to activate, and use only one type of spells.

8. Magisters are the ruling council of all orders. They are the mages that decide who is worthy to join the mages. The magical seal that enables a character to cast spells can only be obtained after that character has spoken to a magister of the desired order.
Out of the game magisters monitor all mages and watch out if the magic rules are used correctly. If a group of mages from a certain order are convinced that the magister is not doing his job they can make a vote to replace him/her.

9. The anti-mages or witch hunters are an order that hates or dislikes mages of any kind. They use four specialy made devices to block, stop or counter spells. The devices are partof a witch hunter's equipement as the spell book is part of a mage's equipement. For the purpose of the economic system these characters are NOT considered to be mages. All devies need to be in a random fantasy or steam punk style and be bigger than a man's fist.

10. All spells are cast while the mage is not moving and are read from a spell book. If the mage moves or is hit the spell is broken and not considered cast. The mage can begin and try to cast it again.

note: all spells can be cast on different languages depending on the mage or the order.