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How to get there
« -: 24 Август, 2013, 11:36:16 am »
1. By public transport from Sofia

You need to get a train from Sofia to Kostenets. Schedule is available at the  web site of the Bulgarian reailroad company.  Please write either to me or Zeratul for asssistance with the web site should any of you travel by train. The travel by train takes about 1,5 hours.

Once you arrive, you get out of the train station to see a relatively large square with a parking lot. There should be taxi cars at the parking lot, or if there are not, they will show up within a reasonable period of time. Ask for a taxi driver named  Еmil, phone number: +359 878 189 216..... (name and local phone number will be provided here on Tuesday, 27.08, afternoon). He will drive you to the place of the LARP for 15 leva in total (5 leva per person for three of you with luggage). In any case, it would be wise if we know in advance that you are arriving by train and when you arrive.

2. By car

Kostenets is located in the middle of the way between Sofia and Plovdiv. Coming from the West, you are supposed to take the Sofia ring road (kruzni put, околовръстен път in Bulgarian) following the signs indicating the direction to Plovdiv (Пловдив), Burgas (Бургас),  Svilengrad (Свиленград).  Once you get rid of Sofia and hit the highway to Plovdiv and Burgas, you will have to drive about 40 km. to the exit (izlaz) for Kostenets (Костенец).

When you enter the town of Kostenets you must be very careful not to miss a junction to the left, that will take you under the railroad track to the other half of the town. After you pass under the railroad overbridge, it is very important that you immediately take another turn to the left. DO NOT take the road leading to Долна Баня and Самоков (there are signs to those towns, but you do not want to go there). You will see a supermarket to your left and then a square and a parking lot. Where the square is, turn right. Both turns you need to take are marked with signs pointing to a place called Вили Костенец. They are not huge, but they are visible.

In the town of Kostenets:

Some time after you have left the town of Kostenets, you will reach the village of Kostenets. Just keep following the main road. The turns you see on the map below are again marked with signs to  "Вили Костенец".

In the village of Kostenets

After you have driven some time, you will start seeing some buildings among the trees, most of which abandoned and derelict. Eventually you will reach something similar to a square with restaurants and cafes on both sides. Pass them by and you will reach a place where you can go either left or right - there is no road forward anymore. TURN LEFT and follow the asphalt road (the road to the right is a gravel road and you do not want to go there.

Now you are very close - this is the final part - the road leading to the hut Гургулица (Gurgulitsa) - the place of the LARP. The condition of the road is not good but it is acceptable and if you drive carefully, your vehicle will be completely ok. But DO DRIVE WITH EXTREME CAUTION - the road is narrow and there might be someone driving down at the same time. This part is 4 km. long and you will reach the parking lot where the road ends. Go to the hut - there is a restaurant there, and if there is no one known to you there at that moment, call us.

From вили Костенец to the Gurgulitsa hut :

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