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General game rules
« -: 29 Юли, 2013, 20:37:09 pm »
The general rules for the larp games in Bulgaria will apply for this games with several exceptions related mainly to:

1) wounds, deaths and resurrection - there will be a period of "bleeding" before actual death or loss of a limb, possibility to stabilize a wounded person, effective role for medics who could actually help the wounded without being magic users;
2) use of magic - simplification of the rules and limitation of the use of magic in battle.

Safety rules and "yellow armband" rules

1. The general safety rules and rules related to "yellow armband" players published in the General Rules thread do apply.

1а. Playing during the night time: players, who wish to continue the game during the night but do not want to participate in battles or being attacked at all, shall move on the field with a light turned on. The light shall point at players' feet and under NO CIRCUMSTANCES may be targeted at anyone's eyes. You are not allowed  to spotlight your surroundings either thus potentially revealing hidden characters.  A character who is moving with a light, may be attacked only verbally ("you are now attacked/taken prisoner/killed/a knife is being now held against your throath, etc.). That player is then not allowed to resist in any way the action and must surrender everything - himself/his in game belongings to the attacker. Any player who attacks physically a person holding a light during night time shall be expelled from the game for a period decided on by the arbiters. Those who prefer the real thing, shall hold no light.

Weapons and armor, counting hits and damage

2. A character may carry any weapons in any combinations, as many as they want.

3. The so called here "extrelemely huge weapons" ("особено големи оръжия") are banned. Please consult us of you are in doubt about whether your weapon falls under the definition of an "extremely huge weapon".

4. Any hit with any weapon does 1 damage. Arrows do 1 damage as well.

5. Counting damage: everyone has 1 hit point. Leather armor absorbs 1 dmg, metal armor absorbs 2 dmg, 2 metal armors (e.g. chainmail + a metal chest piece) absorb 3 dmg. Full plate armor absorbs 4 dmg.

This means that a person with a leather armor is down after the second hit, with metal armor - after the 3rd etc. - it is basically the same as before, only that the armor is now considered to absorb - read further.

6. Armor does not "break" and is not subject to repairing. After each battle their capacity to absorb is restored authomatically. 

7.  Poorly marked/too weak hits do not count. Hits with an inadequate weapon compared to the armor do not count - e.g. a character with a small knife make three fast hits on a plate chest - this could not count. Weak hits in the fingers or the hand bellow the wrist may be not counted.

8. Wooden weapons - battle staffs, mage staffs - have no effect on metal armor (discussed)

9. A knock out - is a symbolical/verbally marked hit with a blunt object ин the head/carotid artery - with the words "knock out". The hit person than goes unconscious for about 5 minutes. After that he shall come to her consciousness slowly, for about 30 seconds before he could act adequately again. In addition to say "knock out" you are of supposed and allowed to touch the other player's shoulder with your hand or with the respective blunt object. 

Taking prisoners and searching caracters

10. The general rules do apply with no changes.

Wounding, healing, death and resurrection

Please pay special attention to the rules related to bleeding and stabilizing. Resurrection is now very limited, difficult and expensive, so it is very important that you allow as little as possible your comrades to die

11.1. Wounds, bleeding and stabilizing

- Armos absorbs damage. Hence, a character with a leather armor who has been hit once on the armor is NOT considered wounded!
- After the armor has absorbed what it could absorb, the next hit in a limb makes this limb wonded and not usable. The character remains conscious and capable of continuing the fight. If the wound is not bandaged within10 minutes, the character faints (falls unsonscious). If for another 10 minutes he is not bandaged, he dies.
- Bandaging can be done by any character who carries the necessary materials - bandages. Each group/clan may have dedicated medics to do that if they wish so. Bandaging a wound stops the bleeding and stabilizes the character, but it does not heal! The limb remains not usable. Self bandaging is possible and allowed while a character is still conscious.
-  After the armor has absorbed what it could absorb, the next hit in the torso makes the character to loose consciousness and bleed. If the character is not bandaged within 10 minutes, she dies. Bandaging stops the bleeding and stabilizes the character but it does not heal! The characted remains unconscious.


Killing with magic and poison

Magic spells that kill (such as "Curse", "Fireball" etc.) first make you bleed and fall unconscious. Death comes after 10 minutes, if you have not been stabilized by a medic or, of course, healed by a healer.

Poison leads to loosing consciousness. Death comes after 10 minutes of the charactr has not been treated wit an antidote.

Cutting someone's throat

This one kills instantly!
HOWEVER, you CANNOT cut someone's throat through a coif or a leather something that protects the throat!
A person with such a protector could be instantly killed by laying your hand on his shoulder and verbally marking that you e.g.have thrust a dagger to his eye. If you managed to get that close to him, he is death. This CANNOT be done however running fast next to someone and slightly touching him with your hand.

Finishing a bleeding character

A bleeding character can be finished off by cutting his throat, cutting off his head and some other, clearly performed finishing strike. You CANNOT finish him off by just hitting him once more, among others, while fighting with 5 other guys at the same time.


Characters who have been executed by cutting off their heads, hanging, etc. die instantly.

11.2. Healing

Any character who has bled could be healed, regardless of whether he has been stabilized or not. I.e., within those 10 minutes before she dies, the character may be healed and it is not necessary to stabilize her first.

A character with a wounded limb may be healed:

- By a Mage from the Order of Life ("Healing") or the Order of the Wanderer ("Regeneration").
- Ig he manages to get to his camp and remains there for 20 minutes without moving that limb. During this period, if he gets attacked, he is allowed to defend himself with his sound limbs, as well as he is allowed to perform simple tasks in the camp without using the wounded limb. 
- With a healing potion (pls see the rules on potions).

A character wounded in the torso may be healed:

- By a Mage from the Order of Life ("Healing") or the Order of the Wanderer ("Regeneration");
- If he gets carried to his camp and lies there for 20 minutes, first 10 of which - unconscious. During the second 10 minutes he is allowed to communicate, bot not to get up and move. While carried, the uncounscious character is allowed to suppor those who carry him, but not to walk completely on his own. He MUST be carried by at least 2 people who are not allowed to fight at the same time.
- With a healing potion (pls see the rules on potions).

11.3. Resurrection

Resurrection can be performed:

- By a mage from the Order of Life ("Resurrection")
- With a special bell for soul summoning. The knowledge of the bell use is a monopoly of the Bank. Resurrecting a character this way costs as much as the maintenance for this character for the campain.

Each players starts the game with 1 white ribbon which shall be carried in a vesible way and should be easy to take off. One a character dies, the ribbons is removed. When resurrected, the life mage of the bank supplies him with a new white ribbon. An ingame character without a ribbon should not be on the field alive.

Posts on magic and economy rules will follow as soon as I get my next urge for translating
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