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Description of the world, in which the game is taking place
« -: 19 Юни, 2012, 23:39:55 pm »
Physical Geography and Geographical Names

Geographically the world is based on the map of Bulgaria, respectively the Balkans. The relief, climate characteristics, flora and fauna correspond to those of the out-of-game reality, with some minimal exceptions. The same applies to ores and minerals with the exception that "modern" ones - such as oil, uranium, etc. – do not exist, may not be discoveres and no true stories could be told about such.

The following names of places, rivers, mountains and settlements:

- Names from the out-of-game reality (e.g. Rila mountain, Dobrostan village, etc.);
- Old names (e.g. Sredets, Philippopolis, etc.);
- Fictional names.

Since there is no single political organization in the world, it is possible that people/different local communities use different names for the same objects. In some cases these coincide; others - used by a clan or group - are not the same as those used by another, but are recognizable to them; third may be completely unknown to strangers and some characters may not know which place other characters refer to, even if the site or object as such is known to them.

This means that creating the story of a character, players are generally free to name the place they were born or live either with its real name, or its old name, or a fictinal name. It is recommended, however, that if this place is a part of the lands of some clan/group, the player complies with the name accepted by that clan, or at least, that name is familiar to him as an official one.

As to the name of the world itself, no such name has been discussed or agreed so far, most probably because there has been no need to name the world – there is no single political structure on the map which would need a name as such.

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Re: Description of the world, in which the game is taking place
« Отговор #1 -: 19 Юни, 2012, 23:41:42 pm »
Political geography

The political map of the world is about to be completed by ingame negotiations. Currently the following information is subject of general knowledge.

Parts of land on the map are home to, and are, in different manners,   ruled by the existing clans. It is more or less certain, that the lands around Dobrich are ruled by East Wind; the lands around Plovdiv are divided between the Kingdom of the Seven Hills, the Heralds of Chaos and the Dark Guard; the lands around Stara Zagora are under the rule of Clan Dulo. There are clans that are less active, but have, or used to have clear territories – Clan Bdin - lands around Vidin, Morduin – around Ruse, Pontus - around Burgas.

There are also several fictional places that should be and eventually will be placed on the map, such as the Armenelos University and Earthsea (probably on the land and the sea around Varna).

Very complicated is the issue of the lands near Sofia and Sofia region and it is yet to be solved.

There are also free, unocupied places on the map that are not possessed or ruled by any clan. These areas in the ingame reality are only partially mapped. In some of them people do live, organized in some more or less independent village and town communities.  Other are high mountains or forests or deserted land where no one lives. It is not that noone ever went there and there is some big mistery. It is rather that there is nothing of significant interest to be found there and no one has made the effort to map them in detail, while at the same time the population density is not that big and noone has settled there.

It is possible that some clans have formal claims on some of these lands, however, these  remain on paper so far, until something happens, justifying the establishment of their formal power on the territories in question.

New clans

New clans may appear in any of the unoccupied territories, in which case it will be placed on the map as a newly formed community at that location. A clan could also appear on land thatis under the rule of some other clan, in which case the new clan will have to set in some way their relations with the other one (to become their vassals, to beat them up or to negotiate a treaty – as for example the Heralds of Chaos negotiated their territory with the Kingdom of the Seven Hills in exchange for certain commitments and concessions, so that currently they have lands that are under their rule).

Lt. Hellen Frost

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Re: Description of the world, in which the game is taking place
« Отговор #2 -: 19 Юни, 2012, 23:46:26 pm »

The members of the clans do not constitute the entire population of the territories. It is assumed that there exists a fictitious population engaged in agriculture, manufacturing and marketing, paying taxes, etc.

Most clans and most of there real members represent the aristocratic or oligarchic elite, which, due to one reason or another and in one way or another dominates in the respective lands. This elite may be militarized in varying degrees, may accept in its ranks "common people" for various reasons – i.e. a clan character may be a peasant or a craftsman as well as a noble or a professional soldiers. Some clans  are nothing of the like at all – they are rather nomadic groups, which members gained influence because of their military and/or diplomatic skills, by merit of certain influential figures, etc. - such as East Wind clan for example.


The world is inhabited by relatively numerous representatives of the following conscious races:

-   Humans;
-   Elves;
-   Orcs;
-   Demons.

There are few cases of special characters with specific stories that belong to other races.

Races in this world are not tied to any specific literature, film or game universe, but a character might as well be. There are Elves who resemble the Tolkien Elves, but there are also Elves who do not. There are no restrictions on the use of any fictional universe as a basis for a race. However, it is better to use rather the general idea on a race and not go as far as the specific character  to be closely related to too many specific people and places taken from a book or a game. In other words, it is OK that an Orc is based either on Tolkin or on World of Warcraft, but it is not always such a good idea that this Orc is specifically and exactly Thrall.

It is recommended that players have or are capable to achieve a vision, which is characteristic of the chosen race of the character, unless the contrary is not justified with  a meaningful story.

There are of course, descendants of mixed interracial marriages. They are not separate races. For example, half-elf is not a race.

There are also undead, but to be undead, including a vampire, is not a race, but a condition (even in cases of born undead).

Currently potential specifics of the various races and conditions are under discussion  which is expected to result in some specific rules for the characters of different races. However, by the time of the forthcoming LARP those these are not expected to be agreed and to come into force.   


Skills and experience of the characters does not possess any specific game expression. In other words, there are no "classes". Skills and experience of the characters must have some, albeit vague, relation to the player's real life appearance and skills and must be roleplayed. 

Magical creatures

In the world there are different types of magical creatures, having developed varying degrees of self awareness. They are not numerous and do not tend to organize. Among them:

- Dragons – they precede the appearance of other beings and may have been the first; in very ancient times they used to be numerous; currently only one is known to exist (see the story of the Dragon Tournament), about whom is now known that he got lost somewhere in another dimension.
- Samodivas - it is known that sometimes they appear in some forests and enchant through dance and song  those  they find there resulting in their disappearance. It is said that the magic of  a Samodiva can be neutralized by taking away her her kerchief.
- Dryads – only one dryad's appearance has been certainly documented so far abd she is known by his request to the clan leaders to sing to her  in exchange of a wooden spoon with magical properties. Dryads in general are associated with a particular tree and could be either both or good.
- Others.
As far as it is known, information on all existing magical creatures has not been collected and systemathized. It is heard, however, that in some clans there are people committed to research in this area and they may have more knowledge on the topic.

Concerning the so called “Evil Forces”

The so-called "evil forces", mistakenly called by many "demons", have appeared relatively recently in the world (2 years). Subject of common knowledge about them is the following.
They are energy, incorporeal life forms that originally inhabit another dimension/plane. It seems that they seek to conquer our world, or at least they have already tried. Not only directly - as when they poured through the portal in Dobrostan - but also indirectly, including through agents working for them on our own world. We know that they constantly try to stir up controversy and conflict. They stand behind the serious injury and the subsequent disappearance of the Dragon, the wounding of the Dragon Priest  during the summer part of the Dragon Tournament held 2 years ago, and the curse of its autumn part. After their last successful offensive near Dobrostan they managed through manipulation to achieve opening a portal between our world and their plane. However, shortly after, for unexplained reasons, their offensive stopped and, furthermore, most of those who were possessed by Evil Forces, managed to get rid of their presence.

The ability to take control over other creatures' bodies and minds is one of their main weapons. he following  types of  possession are known:

1. Spectator – possession of a creature where  the Evil Force takes no action, but receives the information from all the senses of the victim. The creature does not understand that it has been possessed. The Evil Force has NO access to the creature's thoughts and memories, and if it tried to get such access, its presence would be revealed.
2. Partial control – possession of a creature where the presence of Evil Force is known by the victim; the Evil Force can by 1) promises, threats, as a whole - manipulation, or 2) temporarily assuming direct control over the victim - force the victim to perform or not perform any action, talk or not talk, make gestures, manipulate objects, etc. on its behalf and against the will of the victim. Eventually, it  can kill the victim – by making her heart stop, for example.
3. Full control -  which disembodied bpossession of a creature where the Evil Force has full control over the body and the actions of the victim. The victim remains with the role of a spectator.

You  may have heard that some of the Heralds  of Chaos have been trying to study and learn more about the Evil Forces. .


The languages in use, or which existence is known of, are as follows:

- Common (Bulgarian) - all local characters know it by default;

- Trade  (English) – the Trade language used in the relations with the people we met in the West, who speak a language similar to but different from the Common language.  The Trade language exists from long time and most probably spread as a Common language at the time of the Empire. There are books written on it and it is common to learn it at least a little at university, but until recently it has not been widely used in everyday life. It is normal that a character speaks the trade language, if this character is educated. For practical reasons, a character could not speak the trade language, if the player does not speak English in real life.

- Draconic - the ancient language of the dragons, one of the languages used by mages. There are spells and parts of spells  in Draconic. A character may have knowledge of this language, if she is a mage of if she has a very good to learn it – and learn it from a mage or from a very highly educated person. This is  a dead language; it is not used for real  communication and no one actuslly knows it to a degree that would allow them to carry on a reasonable conversation.

- Imperial (Latin) - another dead language; it is assumed that this was the official language of the Empire. Today it is used, together with Draconic, for some spells and magical terms.

- West (Serbian) – The West language sounds similar to the Common language - they are likely to have common roots - but it is still different enough to make understanding difficult. It is spoken to the west of the farthest western areas, where Common language is spoken.

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Re: Description of the world, in which the game is taking place
« Отговор #3 -: 19 Юни, 2012, 23:47:32 pm »

There is magic in this world. Magic is a kind of energy.  This energy is available at any place and at any time to those who can use it.

It is considered  that this energy that does not come from our world (or dimension or plane of existence) but the issue is still controversial.

To perform a magic action (or to cast magic) means that a mage  handles a certain limited amount of energy and targets it, using his mind and will, in order to impact on the mind of a conscious being or the physical characteristics of matter. To achieve this, the mage has to focus the magical energy by using the power of word  - a spell - and gestures. So far no mage has been known to be able to cast   without this "crutch", presumably representatives of neither of the races have the necessary power to do so.

Theoretically, there is no set limit to the extent of changes that can be caused by magic, however, in practice, there are quite real limits inthe ability of a mage, regardless their race or training, etc., to handle more than a certain, relatively small amount of magical energy. More detailed information can be found in the treatise "The magic comes not from our world”, author unknown.

It is known however, that more powerful beings/life forms did or do exist; beings that are able to transform a much bigger amount of magical energy - such as the Dragon. Attempts to achieve this by ordinary mages lead to exhaustion and, little later – to falling into a deep sleep. The  lethal amount of magical energy has not been established, because the power of the mages could not reach that potential limit before the moment they fall into sleep, after which moment they stop transforming energy – which have been proven by the experience of several adventurous experimenters in the past.

The potential to transform magical energy into magical effect is embedded in all living beings in this world. Not all, however, can or have the necessary discipline of mind to develop it to a degree sufficient to cast magic. In some cases, the innate talent is very strong, it nirmally manifests during the childhood and the person can become a good and powerful mage relatively easy, although after years of study. Others' gift is weak and even a lot of training would only make them mediocre mages. In some the talent is so weak that  no training can make a mage out of them.

So far there are no magic schools or academies in the world . Mages are usually instructed by other mages. Individual exceptions are several self-taught mages  - most often members of noble families, with rich libraries and plenty of free time at hand. There are also several magical Orders that unite mages with a certain worldview and shared understanding of the use of magic and specialization in using it. of use. Orders have magicians from different clans as their members.

It is not extremely rare for someone to develop a latent talent for magic at a later age , but it is not very common eeither; it requires very serious training and it is hardly possible without a mentor -  a mage.

Some mages deliberately seek out people who have developed a talent for magic in order to teach them; sometimes such people themselves look for a mage who would agree to teach them. Of course, there are children with a gift that never get taught and the talent remains dormant in them, no matter how great their potential is. In such cases so far no chaotic bursts and uncontrolled use of magic have not been observed;  their undeveloped talent normaly fades away or shows out with strange dreams, in more severe cases - hallucinations, and at worst – some heavy mentally disorders.

If a player has no character or would like to create a new character – a magic user – such player could choose between the possibilities either to develop a ready mage, in which case he would only have  to develope a story that is realistic and fitts this setting. Or  to ask that his character becomes a student to some of the existing mage characters.

A player who has a non magic using character and would like this character to become a magic user, must undergo training with another mage character. The training involves role playing interactions  of choice during a time at least equivalent to two games in this world (ie for 2 games he is a learner, however, at the second game he might be already able to use one spell worth 4MP).

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Re: Description of the world, in which the game is taking place
« Отговор #4 -: 19 Юни, 2012, 23:48:14 pm »
Physics and metaphysics

The laws of physics from the real world do apply.  To some extent they can be manipulated with magic by mage characters (see the upper section and rules for magic). It is known that there were or there are more powerful beings/life forms (special characters), with greater potential - it is known, for example,  that the Dragon is capable of burning large groups of people, if he wished, as well as stun people or read their minds. Similar, though weaker, powers have been possessed by the Dragon priest.

It is known that there is at least one other dimension or plane – the home to the Evil Forces. The  travel between the two dimensions is possible through energy portals.

The existence of gods or beings with divine attributes is possible but not yet proven.

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Re: Description of the world, in which the game is taking place
« Отговор #5 -: 19 Юни, 2012, 23:49:43 pm »

Calendar and chronology

??? - 4 000 B. Emp. - Age of Dragons

Year 0 – the founding of the Empire

0 – 1000 A. Emp. – Age of the Empire

1000 – 1300 A. Emp. – Age of the Magic Wars

1300 – 1700 A. Emp. – The Dark Age

1700 – 2000+. Emp. (to-date) – Age of Clans

Mythic history - Age of Dragons

?? - 4000 B. Emp.
No preserved historical monuments have been found from the time spoken of in the beginning of the legend of the Dragon - the only recorded account of the most ancient times in these lands. Before the second appearance of the Dragon, the legend itself, as far as it is known, has not been considered as a source reflecting true events.

Age of the Empire

0-1000 A. Emp.
Possibly, if not after a direct intervention, at least  under the political influence of some mages defined as descendants of the Dragons, several countries were united in a large and quite powerful empire, which lasted approximately a millennium. The Age of the Empire itself is divided into a surprisingly short period of building and strengthening (about a century), a period of bloom (700 years) and a period of a precipitous decline, even a collapse, after which the Empire decayed, torn by internal conflicts.

Age of the Magic Wars

1000 - 1200 A. Emp.
It is assumed that due to some cataclysm, which occurred around the time of the final dissolution of the Empire (it is also speculated that there might be a link between the two events, however no evidence have been found so far), temporary swings in the spectrum and intensity of magical energy have occurred (contemporary physicists of magic have not yet been able to describe sensibly the physical characteristics of magic), which temporarily allowed more people to handle much larger amounts of magical energy. This led to  flourishing of magic and sorcery. The large number of mages and their potential power gradually led to organizing them into orders, professing different ideologies and goals, or just around a particular strong personality. Their relationships of rivalry, feuds, alliances and intrigue largely resembled the later relations between the clans. Gradually two groups of magical orders formed, each led by one most powerful order. In most general terms, the one group insisted on the objective necessity to establish a complete dominance over non-magicians. The other professed the idea that magic should be used equally for the benefit of all people - mages or not, and that there should be equality between mages and non-mages concerning all issues except those directly relate to use of magic. In fact, the two groups fought for territorial supremacy and resources much more than to impose their ideologies. For a period a fragile peace was established between them, and conflicts were resolved with battles between smaller vassal orders on the periphery. At one point, however, the next crisis in the relations between the two fractions could not be contained, and war broke out. The quantityof magic used in this war was so great that it triggered a series of cataclysms. Once started, they developed spontaneously until they came to a disaster on a massive scale, which restored the status quo from before the Orders and magic once again could be used by much less people and in much more limited quantities.

The number of victims and the damage cause by the conflict were huge - the existing social organization has been literally destroyed. Survivors started from the beginning, forming small communities, in many of which use of magic was a taboo, and those who knew how to use magic – unwanted and exiled.

The Dark Ages

1300 - 1700 A. Emp.

The almost complete destruction of civilization as well as the hatred towards mages led to a fairly long period of unenlightement, on which there is no much data. It is unclear how by the end of this period the ancestors of what we today know as the clans, had already formed. Shortly after the establishment of the power and relations between these proto-clans, came the time of the first appearance of the Dragon. After this "unenlightened" period the stories and chronicles of today's clans are located in time.

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Re: Description of the world, in which the game is taking place
« Отговор #6 -: 19 Юни, 2012, 23:51:02 pm »
Social relations

Hierarchical structures and power relations

The social structure in the broadest sense can be described as feudal. Specific aspects - land ownership, condition of the peasantry, etc. may vary in the lands of  differentclans.

Each clan has a distinct elite in some form - be it classic high noble elite headed by a monarch, or military elite, or a structure based on the personal charisma and image of one or more leaders, etc. The protocol for each clan also varies, but in general terms, if a character is not part of the leadership of any clan or a character with a high social status, he is expected to pay more or less respect to characters with a higher status, even when part of a hostile group. However, no well-established standard rules and rituals of communication are in place.

Personal names

At present, there are all types of character names - Anglo-Saxon – from the out-of-game reality and fictional (from books, games, etc., fictional names created by the players), Bulgarian and Slavic (mostly old, names used in todays out-of-game reality are almost non-existent), as well as completely fictional names. If you are unsure about the name of a new character, basically everything is permitted, except ridiculous nicknames that can be perceived as mockery and ridicule, and forum nicknames that in no way can be considered a character name. 

Gender relations and the situation of women

Gender relations in this world are equal. Women may be warriors, politicians, diplomats, scientists – if they wish and if they prove themselves under the same condition under which men have to. The fact that there are less female warriors than male warriors is due to their own choice. The existing situation actually favors women – they have no problem playing purely "male" roles, while the opposite would be strange.


In general the education of a character, if any, may be received at a primary school in a small town, a high school in a bigger city. and characters with a higher status. if they have studied, (a character may have a high status and not having studied) may have received a higher education at one of the not more than 1-2 universities in these lands.