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Specific rules
« -: 08 Май, 2012, 23:28:01 pm »
The General rules for the LARP games in Bulgaria do apply with the following amendments and additions:

1. Safety

- No yellow ribbons will apply for this game;

- In the absence of day light (during the night) the use of bows, crossbows, other projectile shooting weapons, as well as throwing of projectiles representing magical effects (such as fire balls) is  forbidden.

- Within the framework of the check-in representatives of the organizers together with each player shall review her weapons, projectiles and armour, and may, as they consider necessary, carry test duels. The players shall comply with the following instructions, which may include repairing of banning the weapon, greater care when using it, greater attention to avoid certain hits, etc.

- The following sanctions for failure to comply with the safety rules shall apply: first violation - reprimand; second violation - temporary expelling from the game (1 hour); third violation - final expelling from the game. Reprimands and expels will be counted by yellow cards used by the judges.

- By mutual agreement between the participants in an interaction, which has lead to  a forbidden hit without notable consequences (e.g. weak random hit in the head while the opponed has bended, etc.),  they may not involve the judges in which case no penalty will be imposed.

- The role of judges will be performed by the organizers.

2. Counting hits and number of health points

- All characters will have one extra health point, i.e. can get one extra hit. This does not influence the killing through cutting someone's throut, which does kill instantly.

- There may be special characters in the game, which may have a different number of health points, or count them in a different manner.

- Upon resurrection of a character their armour is considered authomatically repaired.

3. Role playing

- Staying in the game zone with "civilian" clothes is forbidden;

- Within the game zone it is forbidden to players to claim they are out of game, except in cases of accidents.

- Verbal marking of hits and damage is forbidden (saying to someone "I hit you", "You're dead". etc.). Ingame investigation why a character has not died or is impervious to hits is, of course, by all means allowed (special characters, magical effects, etc.) .

4. Wounding, death and resurrection

4.1. A  character, who suffered a direct hit in a limb (no armor or armor already broken), is considered to be light wounded. As a consequence, he is not able to use that limb, as follows:
- hand/arm - the character shall drop any object she is holding; she cannot fight, cast magic, use that arm in general;
 - leg - the character will not be able to run and when walking, he is supposed to roleplay the wound by limping. A character with his both legs wounded is not capable of leaving his location.

A light wounded character may be healed by the spells: "Healing" (immediate effect) and "Regeneration" (1o minutes after casting)

4.2. A character who suffered a direct hit in his torso (no armor or armor already broken) OR 3 such hits in a limb (no matter if in the same limb or in different limbs), is considered to be heavy wounded. He is supposed to fall on the ground. If he gets additional hit prior to his falling on the ground, these do not count.

A heavy wounded character cannot fight or cast magic; she speaks with great effort and moves only if supported by others. If within 5 minutes after getting a heavy wound the character is not healed, she dies of haemorrhage. 

A heavy wounded character may be healed by the spells: "Healing" (immediate effect) and "Regeneration" (1o minutes after casting)

4.3. A character who suffered a throat cutting, who has been executed or who suffered a deadly spell (a spell that does not inflict damage, but kills directly), is considered to be dead. The same applies to heavy wounded characters who have not been healed within 5 minutes after falling on the ground OR who, during those 5 minutes, have been finished off by a coup de grace. A coup de grace shall be made with care and without aggression

A dead character cannot participate further in the game until resurrected.

This can be done with the spell "Resurrection" (immediate effect). However, after resurrection, the character suffers the effects of death for some additional 10 minutes - he is weak and needs time to get back their strenght - the effect is analogous to a heavy wound. 

No authomatic resurrection after a certain period of time will apply in this game.

Those players whose characters have died during the first part of the game, shall remain where they are until they are found by someone, carried away, resurrected. In case a character is not found within a period of 10-15 minutes, the player, with her weapon raised above her head and ignoring everything on her way, is entitled to go and find a mage (no matter what type of mage, no matter of which clan/group, although, by obvious reasons, it is recommended that the mage is friendly). The characters's spirit than shall inform the mage of the character's death and body location, than the player shall go back to that location and wait until he is found. Shall an entire group be slaughtered and not found within 10-15 minutes, one of the palyers/characters of that group, preferably a mage, does the same procedure.

Those players whose characters have died during the second part of the game and have not been resurrected by a Life Mage (or any other kind of Priest), shall make for a designated location which will be indicated on the field. There they will be resurrected upon certain conditions.

It is possible that a character is killed in a certain specific way in which case the consequences would differ. This would not be frequent, however, if it happens to you, please follow the instructions you will get.

Please remember, that you cannot possibly know and  remember what happened around you or to you after the moment of your death (except in case a special necomancy spell is made).

5. Setting of camp/tents, ingame and offgame camp

- One offgame camp will be set on the field. Drinking water and field bath with solar showers will be available there. All participants are required to set their tents there and leave their "civilian" clothes and belongings in the offgame camp. Setting of separate camps at random places at and around the location will not be allowed (in order to avoid interference with the game, the setting of ingame space and locations, as well as to facilitate the cleaning after the game). of course, the offgame camp will not be some kind of small fenced circle - sufficient space will be ensured to allow the people and the groups to have some privacy.

- Players who are out of game are not allowed to stay in the ingame zone (out of the offgame camp).

- Going from the ingame zone to the offgame camp shall be made ingame, with all the related dangers and possible consequences, except in cases of accidents. 

- One ingame camp will be made in the ingame zone. This camp will be set ingame by the hosts. All clans/groups/participants are required to settle n this camp (this will be communicated ingame in the appropriate manner as well). Setting of separate camps at random locations will not be allowed.

- Each clan/group shall mark their presence in the ingame camp with at least one tent/pavillion/shelter as well as their flag or other insignia. This tent/pavillion/shelter and the flag are considered to be entirely ingame at all times. They, including their inside, can never be claimed to be an offgame space, which means other characters may enter, search, assassinate, etc.

- Under certain circumstances (e.g. breaking of diplomatic relations, etc.), a clan/group may move away from the joint ingame camp at a distance of some 100-300 metres maximum.

- Each character who is asleep inside of an ingame tent/pavillion/shelter, is considered to be ingame and may be killed, taken prisoner, robed, etc. Killing or assassination in these cases is made by seting a red ribbon over the body of that player (you are not allowed to perform throat cutting, even less start hitting asleep people with swords due to safety reasons - one could startle and jump or move in a way he gets a blade in his eye, etc.). In case you wish for a battle instead of assassinating sleeping people, awake them first and wait for them a moment to get ready, without unnecesary comments and out of game verbal interaction.

- Searching of ingame tents/pavillions/shelters is made for real. Personal civilian belongings are not supposed to be there.

- Robing and searching of characters is performed verbally. Personal belongins carried by the players during game, such as mobile phones, wallets, car keys, cigarettes, etc. shall be ignored and left in the players possession at all times. 

- Flags and other group insignia may be carried around the field by the groups and are not required to be left in the ingame camp. However, taking flags and insignia out of the game zone is not allowed.

6. Check-in

- A check-in of players will be made prior to the game start. It will take place on Friday, 27 July, from 16 to 19 hrs. The check-in is necessary so that we know the exact number of players in the game and be precise with food and beverage; in order to perform the weapons and armour check; in order to allow for paying sufficient attention to each group/player and direct them towards the offgame camp.

- Checking in is mandatory in order to participate in the game;

- Individual check-in at a different time is only possible by exception due to force majeure necessity and upon a preliminary arrangement with the organizers. The latest possible time for individual check-ins is Saturday, 28 July, 9.00. No players can enter the game after that time. Accommodation in the offgame camp will still be possible, however the organizers will have no committement to provide any logistic support.

7. Use of magic

The new revision of the rules for use of magic will apply. This revision is still under final discussion and agreement. The final set of rules and their English translation will be available 4-3 weeks before the event at the latest.
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Re: Specific rules
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The post has been updated. Please see the added text marked in red.

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Re: Specific rules
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The post has been updated. Please see the revised section 4, marked in red.