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Cpt. "Fiddler" Green

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Green Banner
« -: 15 Май, 2011, 21:26:56 pm »
"Stars shine bright and echo away a story so old that turned gray. When warriors die they go to sky they say. I say they are born in legends that will come yet again. Every each a glorious sight together an army without a lost fight. As the prophecies of old tell, only one thing can gather them again and they know it well. It is kept safe under many solid edges and the watchful eyes of the gods. What may that thing be that raises an army so strong? Neither a sword nor a bow but one thing simple…"

…a piece of cloth.

It is green they say. Even now people for its sake pray.

In the darkest hour, a time of night the banner will unroll and banish it with a fight. Fog of war lifted and the sun graces the hill.

An ancient order restored like it should have been. The lake ripples in a glorious beat. As they sail over the land under their feet. Even the mighty fleet from above gather the old stars into a shield that mirrors on their armor through the battlefield. For honor and glory victory is at their hand for the code of chivalry makes them fight for the right path.

Every time the weak fear, the army shows its banner on the nearby hill. And the enemy's scattered in fear.

Now they have gone yet again for the future time when you’ll need their hand.

But child don`t weep for they will always remain in your heart and keep you safe at sleep. "

Lullaby for Vanor`s youngest  

written by: Elen, crossbowman of Green Banner infantry

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