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The LARP from the point of view of my character
« -: 12 Май, 2011, 20:53:37 pm »
A year ago, after an accident with an avalanche, me and three members of Clan Dulo were stranded far away to the west, in lands unknown so far, forced by the circumstances to cooperate, and established first contact with the local population. My actual reasons to travel that far away to the West, as well as the reasons of our enemies' group, remained unknown to us as well as to the locals.
The "local population" appeared to be mainly consisting of several military and paramilitary groups, engaged in conflict between each other, while at the same time defending themselves and the few remaining civilians against attacks of different manifestations of some local Evil Forces (EF). Anticipating the events reported here – I keep wondering whether those manifestations could have some connection to what happened in our own lands last year.

So we have returned alive and safely, thanks to ourselves (because we are tough guys) and to the help of some of the local groups whose support we had managed to get, mainly the so called "Green Banner" whose soldiers even protected our camp in the time of the greatest danger and turmoil.

The events of the last year following our return are known to the reader. In the meanwhile I have been talking quite a lot to Speaker Zeratul about our trip and the vast and plain lands to the West and their men. Almost exactly twelve months later, having now peace in our lands, me and him decided to pay them a visit. Sahandrian of Dulo joined us, to, as he claimed, watch over us.
"You mean to watch on us", I said.
"Why, yes, that too of course", he answered.

As we reached the place, we set our camp at the foot of a large hill, more or less hidden from view by the hill itself and by a small thicket to the other side. Our initial scouting revealed to us that the Green Banner were still present in the area - in a greater number and a more fortified settlement, which, however, still looked rather as a military camp. Another faction I recalled was some mercenary-like group calling themselves the White Eagles. It appeared, that no others were present – they must have had either fled or been eradicated.

We did not know what the situation was, whether the one or the other group would recall us and how they would react. We spent the evening discussing and arguing what would be the best to do next. I still think that the option just to go and present ourselves to the Green Banner and see what happened next, was the most favoured by all three of us. However, the events developed differently, and a little strange.

We were all kind of tense and touchy in the morning. That might explain what happened. Zeratul went to the thicket to meditate.  Sahandrian and I, we started to nag at one another. I felt spite overwhelming me and soon found myself saying things clearly aimed to be as insulting as possible. Sahandrian, in his turn, answered in the proper manner and we continued that way until I did pass the line and he hit me. I did not expect that; I must have raised my right arm to protect my face and the hit was so strong it almost broke. I reached for my sword then, while he was trying to knock me down, and the moment he almost succeeded to take me out of balance, I hit him in the face with the pummel. He stepped back with a stifled cry, hands pressed against his left eye and a drop of blood rolling down the pale face. I stopped then, a little confused, which would cost me my arm, as he was fast in resuming his offensive and grabbing and twisting my already badly hit arm, if Zeratul did not knock him down from behind, gasping and puzzled. I stood up and pointed my sword at Sahandrian, which earned me a slap from Zeratul.
“What is going on here?”, he asked.
“He attacked me! He almost broke my arm!”, I said
“She insulted my leader”, Sahandrian said, getting back on his feet.
“Are you both nuts? I am tired of your constant childish squabbles. I wonder how you ever returned alive last time without killing each other. As for your leader”, Zeratul turned to Sahandrian, “I should take you to him for disciplinary action when we return.”
“There are authorities here.”, I interfered. “Let’s turn him to them. I want him beheaded.”
“You what?!”, Sahandrian asked. “You want to turn me to some local freaks to sue me?! Are we not capable of dealing with our own differences by ourselves?”
“Obviously you aren’t”, Zeratul said. “And, on second thought, that might be just what we need to get inside that camp and take a good look around. Let me treat your wounds first though… Children…”
“But they could decide they are too busy to deal with this bullshit and simply kill us”, Sahandrian objected.
“Or execute you for unprovoked attacking a defenceless lady”, I said and Zeratul almost had to hit Sahandrian to make him sit back while he treated his eye.
“You are lucky he will be able to see again in a couple of days. It was a close one.”
“She is lucky?”
“Shut up. Listen, I am not going to ask you now exactly what happened.  Anyway, it is too much, even for you two. I sense something more is at work here. I am not sure if going to the Green Banner camp is the best thing we can do, nor am I sure we are going to be safe there. But I want to go there and be among people and last but not least, learn about them as much as possible. Here we are not safe, either. By what you, Hellen, have told me so far, I don’t think they are going to kill us. Sahandrian, try to not move the patch, you’ll need to wear it the next 3-4 days. Hellen, let me look at your arm. Both, shush now and try to get back to your senses.

To be continued.
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Re:The LARP from the point of view of my character
« Отговор #1 -: 13 Май, 2011, 13:42:51 pm »
AAAAAAAAAA, continueeeeeee, pleaase :D


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Re:The LARP from the point of view of my character
« Отговор #2 -: 13 Май, 2011, 17:44:55 pm »
good writing  :)

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Re:The LARP from the point of view of my character
« Отговор #3 -: 16 Май, 2011, 23:08:20 pm »
We walked to the Green Banner’s camp in a slow procession – Sahandrian, hands tied behind his back, in a bloody eyepatch, his leather hat with a horse tail on the point slightly on one side; Zeratul, holding the other end of the rope, and myself with my left arm hanging on a sling and carrying Sahandrian’s sword in my other hand. The camp was built in the foot of a hill and as we approached, we could see from atop the guards noticing us and standing on alert. Undoubtedly, we could not pose a direct threat; however, the signs of swift preparation revealed they were not at ease. To gain some credibility, Zeratul pushed the rope harshly and Sahandrian almost fell on the ground.
“Sorry”, Zeratul muttered.
We continued, then, until we reached as close as three metres from the guards at the entrance.
“We come in peace”, he said in a clear voice, “and we salute you."
“What is your purpose?”, one of the guards asked.
“You tell them”, Zeratul said to me.
“We visited you last year”, I said. “One of your officers might remember us. We have returned to open negotiations with your Leader. But, unfortunately, we have a more urgent matter to attend to first. I would like to ask you, as a legitimate authority in these lands, to kindly solve a dispute and to make a trial on this person.”
“The Captain will be here shortly.”, the Guard said.
“The Captain is here”, said the Captain, approaching in a firm step. “Why have you come back?”
“We are merchants”, Zeratul said, to my dismay.
“No, you aren’t. I know you. You are warriors of some, how did you call it – some Clans, to the East. You had that accident last year, with the avalanche. You were enemies. Why are you here again, together?
“Captain”, I said, “Zeratul here was not precise, for which I apologize. We did come to open trade negotiations and this is our true purpose to be here. We signed a peace treaty and our Clans are enemies no more. However, we had a personal incident. And as it has the potential to become a political issue, we would like to address an official authority and to have this person on trial, rather than taking the matter in our own hands. Once it is dealt with, I would like to officially present our trade offers.
“You may enter. Captain Fiddler Green at your service”, the Captain nodded at Zeratul. I’ll send a medic to tend your injuries. In the meanwhile I’ll talk to my General.” The Captain then addressed his people, in their language – close enough to ours - so that we could easily grasp the essence of his orders – to keep us apart and watched on. He then turned to us again.
“Would you mind to surrender your weapons? I guarantee for your safety.”
Zeratul looked at me.
“Of course.”, he said, after a pause, long enough to make the guards tense.

I looked at the medic, an efficient man with a kindly face, while he tended Sahandrian’s eye. They were keeping us far enough from each other, so I could not overhear their words. Shortly the guy came to me.
“He’s going to be alright”, the medic said in a quiet, soothing voice. “Surely you care to know that?”, he looked at me.
“I do. I am pleased to hear that. However, he still attacked me unprovoked. I acted in self-defence and I want him put on trial.
“I understand. Now let me look at your arm.” He did his thing, confidently, yet very gently, finally fixing my wrist with a splint.
“Now tell me, please, exactly what happened.”
They needed to collect as much information as possible, obviously; he’d go and report to his officers what we said as soon as he had finished with us so that they could compare our stories. I had nothing to hide though, so I told him my version. He nodded and left for what it seemed  to be their command tent.

After a while Captain Green returned and had his people bring us together.
“My General has agreed to lead the trial you requested.”
“I have requested no trial”, Sahandrian said. Fiddler ignored him.
“My General wishes to question each of you two, first. Then the official trial shall begin. Do you agree to that?”
“I do.” I said. Sahandrian nodded.
He was the first to be taken to the tent. He returned surprisingly fast, hands untied, and he looked at me with a complacent look. I had not had any time to say anything clever, as they asked me in immediately, politely but firmly. The command tent was furnished simply, clearly intended to serve warriors, but still having a peculiar touch of cosiness, in a strange contrast to that harsh and straightforward man with a booming voice, who hardly had the patience to listen to the translation of my pompous introduction and circumstantial explanations. “Enough. I got the idea.” it seemed to me he said and the trial began. He had each of us to stand our case once more and Zeratul to testify, and he sent us out so that the court decided on the sentence. In less than ten minutes they invited us back.
“We have reached a decision.” The General said.  “Tie his right hand.” – he pointed at Sahandrian. “Now put a patch on her eye.” – he pointed at me.
“Can you guess what he is going to have you do?” Zeratul whispered.
“Be quiet!” the General said. “This court has reached a decision. Your dispute is of no relevance to us and we wish not to interfere in a matter that does not concern us. However, we are not going to turn aside a request for justice. You are to be taken outside the camp under square conditions and be returned your weapons. You are free to settle your dispute there, under our observation. You could do it by talking or by fighting – it will be your will.”
“General,” I said, “I am left handed.”
“This is of no further concern to me. You are equal in my eyes now. Proceed.”

We seemed to be almost left alone, with the guards watching from their posts a dozen metres away how we stood indecisively, only Zeratul talking .
“Brilliant!” he repeated with excitement. “I love these people! And the General - this man in genius! A most civilized and refined person!”
“You bloody idiots!” Captain Green said approaching in a fast pace, looking back over his shoulder. “Bloody buggers! How, the heavens, have you come up with this stupid idea? I almost failed making my General not to have you all executed. Why on earth you did not come to us like normal people?”

To be continued.
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Re:The LARP from the point of view of my character
« Отговор #4 -: 17 Май, 2011, 23:16:04 pm »
“We didn’t know what was going on, how you’d accept us. Things might have changed a lot over the last year. That is why we did not come yesterday, anyway. As for today… we did not invent this story”
Captain Green continued looking at me with disbelief for a while, then again looked over his shoulder towards his people.
“Tell us, please,” I continued “how are the things going here?”
“I don’t have time for this right now. Listen, go back to your camp. I’ll come to you later. Go away now.”

We returned to our camp in silence and sat to have a bite.
“This is not the most clever thing we have ever done.” I said when we had finished. Zeratul shrugged his shoulders.
“Do you think we should go to pay a visit to the other camp?” he asked.
“I don’t think so.” I said. “At least I could use some rest. And something is clearly messing with our minds. Let’s stay here today. Or you go, if you want, although I don't think it is a good idea you went alone.”
“Ok, let’s rest.” he said, then he stretched his hands and went to his tent.
“Listen,” I said to Sahandrian after a short while “I am sorry for what I said earlier. I did not actually mean it.”
“And I overreacted.” he said. We remained silent for another couple of minutes.
“Funny thing.” I said. “When I actually killed your Leader last winter, you could kill me and you didn’t, they say. Today you almost did for me just saying something stupid in a quarrel.”
“Shit happens.” he said. “How about a game of chess? Or are you incapable of moving the pieces with that hand?”
“Sure. I am fine, as long as you are incapable of seeing them.”

A couple of hours later I was deeply regretting the mistake, that caused the most unfortunate loss of my Rook, and Zeratul was shaking his curly head, hiding a cunning smile inside his bushy beard. Then a messenger came, bringing a letter from Captain Green. The letter was quite formal, bilingual, carrying a big wax stamp with the Captain’s ring imprint. He claimed he supported our request for opening trade negotiations, he committed to help convincing his General we were trustworthy, and informed us we were invited to join the Green Banner for dinner.
“Let’s dress more formal.” I said.
“Let’s give the General the sample sword we brought, as a present.” Zeratul said.
“It’s your show.” Sahandrian said.
“But you’re coming along, aren’t you?”
“I am.”

Dressed up, with the General’s present wrapped in my cloak, we marched once more for the Green Banner’s camp. Instead of merry festivities though, we found there some very serious and preoccupied atmosphere. The General gave us a short audience and let us know that he had some more urgent matters to attend to.
“I do not have time for pleasantries now”  he said when we tried to give him our present. “Presents are for more peaceful times. War is upon us. Have dinner with my men now.”

The camp looked sad and abandoned after the dinner as a big regiment of the Banner lead by Captain “Fiddler”, as they called him, left in full gear. The remaining men, though, let us know we were welcome to stay and we all gathered around the fire. No one would talk about what was going on; they were all friendly and keen to engage in some small talk, as well as to hear stories from the “far East”. Yet each time one of us would ask about what was happening or where did Captain “Fiddler” go, they’d go silent or change the subject. The weather was coldish and the chilly wind made the people come closer, to benefit from the fire’s warmth as much as possible. The conversations were starting to fade, when a tall thin man with an accurate beard and a delicate nose, who had spent the evening tenderly holding a guitar, suddenly started to sing in a soft voice, gently pulling the strings. That’s what I grasped of the lyrics:

Life isn’t  a big deal most of the time
But just in case I always take what it gives -
A piece of bread, a meter of sky and a hat full of sleep
But the Devil only cares about his own benefit
So, on occasion, drown the confusion in wine.

Give me some wine, let wine pour
Until the day is gone and then when night falls down
Because grief is here, that true friend of mine
And where is grief, one must drink.

Give me some wine, I have no other wishes
Nor closer keen, nor better friends,
Because grief is here, that black plague of mine,
And where is grief, one must drink.

And as the song changed rhythm, becoming faster and faster, a strange feeling overwhelmed me, getting me totally confused between the sadness of the loneliness, that every human being experiences sometimes, and the joy of it sometimes being shared; telling me I indeed should drink and forget, and savour every second of peace and closeness to these strangers, without caring about tomorrow, as tomorrow would be as sad and lonely as today was.

“Who is he?” I asked a man, after the song ended.
“He is the man who trains us. We are not quite sure who he is” the man answered.
I stood up and walked to him.
“May I sit?” I asked.
“Sure” he answered.
“Whose is this song?”
“A bard, from my town, to the Northwest of here. I like very much his songs. They are all melancholic.”
“Would you tell me, who is your enemy you are so worried with?” I finally asked after a pause.
“Werewolves” he said.
“Werewolves. There are Dragons, I know, I’ve seen one. I do not believe in Werewolves.”
“They do believe in you, though. Take care when you return to your camp.”
Our conversation was interrupted by the sounds of a horn, coming from the nearby watchtower, followed by the shouts of the guards. The regiment that went out earlier was coming back. Several warriors carrying a body hastily headed for the tent. I could distinguish the word “captain” repeated many times in the shouts and rapid talk of the people around. The man I was talking to carefully put the guitar away and stood up.
“Excuse me” he said. “Fiddler is dieing.”
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Re:The LARP from the point of view of my character
« Отговор #5 -: 18 Май, 2011, 23:12:45 pm »
They did not allow us to see Fiddler. They invited us, however, to stay for the night, as, it was, supposedly, too dangerous outside. A pack was wandering the road that laid between the Green Banner base and our camp, they said.
“I’d like to find out more”, I said.
“Yes”, Zeratul agreed, “and I’d also like to talk to one of these creatures.”
“Judging by the Captain’s condition, they are not exactly the talking type.”
“The Green Banner don’t talk. They are an army. They march and they make shield walls. I talk.”
“Yeah, that much we know” Sahandrian said.
“Besides, I might learn something that could help the Captain” Zeratul concluded.

Being the responsible type, the General hesitated before finally giving us permission to leave the camp. Once we showed we were steadfast in our decision though, he seemed almost relieved to get rid of us. At the door the Doctor gained on us.
“It’s ok if you get a claw wound. Just don’t get bitten.”
“Is the Captain bitten?” I asked.
“I… I am not allowed to give information on his condition.”
“Is he going to last over the night?”
“I don’t know.”

In the next four hours we scouted the area, getting a pretty good idea of the terrain, including the White Eagles settlement. The night was dark and it was pretty easy to remain unseen. Two times we heard howling coming from the woods, direction our camp.
“They’ll eat my food.” Zeratul complained.
“This howling… it sounds wrong.” I said.
“Indeed. Either they are fake werewolves, or werewolves in general fail at high pitched tones.”
“Let us make a deep flanking. That way we’ll approach our camp from the open. I don’t fancy to be in the forest right now.” Sahandrian suggested.
There was no way, however, we could avoid crossing the road. We lied down alongside it and remained silent and still for more than an hour. The howling continued for a while, but each time from more afar. It was good that regardless of that we did not move yet. Soon we heard soft steps coming down the road – two steps, stop, another step, than some heavy breathing, a few more steps, sniffing. I had painted my face with ash from the fireplace, so I risked a look, slowly. I could not see much more than a figure, human like, but quite large. It seemed to me, though, that something else moved as well, keeping close to the bushes alongside the other side of the road. The first figure now lined with us and stopped. I was quite confident it could not see us, but unsure of that sniffing. And indeed, it turned to us and made a few slow steps towards us. I had no choice when it almost stepped over my hand. I jumped up and my companions joined my attack. It was definitely not human; it was incredibly fast for its size, and its blows were heavy. But it seemed to me that it kind of didn't want to attack with its full strength, at least not yet, as though it was testing us. This gave Zeratul the opportunity to try to communicate with it, in between his slashes.
“Who are you? What do you desire? We wish you no harm. Talk to me!”.
The only answer he got was more heavy breathing and sniffing.
“Behind you” I shouted, as the other figure I had seen slowly separated from the bushes. We swiftly regrouped to have both opponents before us.
“He won't talk to you”, the figure said in a deep voice with heavy accent. Then some kind of communication, beyond our ability to grasp, seemed to take place between the two.
“Who are you?”, Zeratul was obviously not willing to surprise them with a new question.
“I am from the wolf tribe”, the figure answered. “Go now. You won’t be hurt this time.”
“Why do you attack us?”
The creature, which had stopped its attacks while the figure talked, growled and swiped at us with its paws.
“Retreat!”, Sahandrian shouted and we ran towards our camp, where Zeratul started hastily to set a fire.
“Analysis?” he said, when the wood kindled.
“I believe in werewolves now.” I said. “Option one: indigenous tribe, in symbiosis with semi-mythical creatures, threatened by the long presence of the troops in this area. However unlikely - we should have heard something about that last year. Option two: local manifestation of the Evil Forces. Potential connection to our aggressive burst from last morning. Option three: werewolves and people, bound to them in some way, are indigenous to some area nearby and something made them move – for example need of food. Option four – local evil overlord with human disciples turns people into werewolves; attempts taking over the world.”
We spent the remains of the night listening attentively for noises. Nothing happened and with the dawn we started to get some sleep in shifts.

With the morning advancing, we started noticing small Green Banner groups patrolling the area. They waved at us, giving us signs to remain in our camp. It was almost noon time, when the Doctor, accompanied by several guars, came to us.
“The Captain?” we jumped.
“Still alive. But he won’t make it, unless we succeed in doing something.”
“Doing what?”
“Listen. Werewolves are not unfamiliar to the people in these lands.”
“That much we guessed.”
“There is a ritual I know from a legend. I am not sure it will work… however we don’t know what else to try. And we’d try everything for Fiddler. It involves a herb. We found it before dawn. It also involves a special incense used by the Oblins who leave nearby.”
“You have Goblins here?” Zeratul asked.
“Not Goblins. Oblins. They are primitive humanoids, only few of them left, they worship the Great Earth Worm, or something like that, and they have this incense. Some say it is connected to earth worms' by-products in some way, but it’s proven it has extremely powerful healing effects. Anyway. We went to the Oblins, we had to fight them. They trew sticks and mud at our heavy infantry… In the end we negotiated a deal. Now we need just one more thing to try that ritual. We need the Golden Arrow.”
“You need what?!” we asked simultaneously.
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Re:The LARP from the point of view of my character
« Отговор #6 -: 19 Май, 2011, 23:17:19 pm »
“The Golden Arrow! Do you know where it is?!”
“Mmmm, actually not. What does it do?” Zeratul said.
“It is an enchanted artefact that can heal werewolf bites, reverse the process.”
“Are you sure it exists?”
“As a matter of fact, yes… Why did you react like this? What do you know about it?” Suddenly the Doctor looked like he was on the edge to call the guards to seize us.
“I am certain it is another Golden Arrow.” I interfered.  “Some time ago a Golden Arrow was used to overpower an evil Empress who was about to subdue our lands. But it is a long story. Tell us about your arrow. We will do everything we can to help your Captain.”
The Doctor relaxed.
“Yeah, I guess it’s a different arrow. Well. It’s been created a long time ago by a mage. Werewolves were abundant in these lands, multiplying and almost taking over the entire area. The arrow helped and the people eradicated the werewolves, or at least that is what they thought. The arrow became obsolete, and soon after that it was forgotten and lost. The word was that the White Eagles had found it – in one of the abandoned villages or the mage’s old place.”
“Why don’t you go to them and ask them for it?” Zeratul asked.
“We did, this morning. They asked for the General’s armour in exchange for the arrow.”
“Well… the General told them they if they wanted armour, they were going to get armour… Lots of armour.”
“And we attacked and occupied their settlement. Currently we are keeping most of them as prisoners.”
Zeratul’s eyes flashed with anger. In a soft tone he asked:
“Your General values his armour more than the life of his Captain?”
“You do not understand…”
“But I do understand.” I said and put my hand on Zeratul’s shoulder. “Do you have it now?”
“No. We think someone of them took it and fled in the woods.”
“Hence the patrols. I see. Speaker, I think we could help.” Zeratul did not say anything but he nodded slightly.
“Listen,” I continued “We have our ways. Can you give us access to one of the Wight Eagles prisoners? An officer would be nice.”
“I think it can be arranged, but…”
“But you need to confer with your superiors, we know. We need this to look as it has not been organized by you. We need to gain some trust with them. We need to be able to move freely and without your people interfering , but also without it looking we are acting on your behalf or for your benefit. Can you arrange that?”
“Let me go back to my Ge... to my people. I’ll be back as soon as possible.”
As soon as the Doctor and the guards left, Zeratul turned to Sahandrian.
“Now you can see where pride and honour can lead you. Banners, armour… objects! Things! They could not be more valuable than life and what’s inside your heart!”
“Don’t…” I said, “This is not important now.”
“Of course it is!”
“I am going to leave you guys to do it your way.  I know you can do it. Call me as soon as you can use my help.”Sahandrian said in a conciliatory manner and went to lie in his tent.
“Ok, we need to get this arrow and to get it first. I want to give it to the General personally and teach him a lesson or two…”
“And save the Captain. Teaching people lessons could not be more important than life and what is in your heath”, I smiled.
“Of course” Zeratul smiled back. “Do you have the potion?”
“No, I used it on Sahandrian, isn’t it obvious? Of course I have it. How are going to do it?”
“I am going to get myself a banner” Zeratul grinned. ]
“Don’t get caught.”

In half an hour the Doctor was back.
“Were are your people?”
“Sahandrian felt sick and went to get some rest before the action. Zeratul… has been called by nature. Did you get our authorization?” I said.
“Yes. You are free to move everywhere and to do what you need to do. Orders have been sent. Patrols will occasionally stop you, however, for the sake of pretence.”
“Good! We’ll let you know as soon as we have something. Now please leave, we don’t want to look suspicious or scare the runner away.”
As soon as they left, Zeratul appeared from the bushes. He looked around and took out the green banner that was hanging on the watchtower.
“We need to hide this thing. What if they suspected something and had the camp searched?”
“Wrap it with the General’s present” I suggested. We’d tell them it for him and for him only and they wouldn’t dare. And why would they – it is to be given to him anyway.”
“Nice. Done. Let’s move.”
We went to the White Eagles settlement then. The Green Banner commanding officer knew the orders but still was suspicious when we said we wanted a captured officer to take to our camp and no, no Green Banner escort, thank you.
“Man,” I said “We have our ways. You don’t want to be involved in this.” Reluctantly, but he agreed.
“I haven’t had such fun since the times before the Alliance.” Zeratul said while we waited for our prisoner to be delivered to us. He actually thought we’d torture the guy!”
The prisoner probably thought the same. He looked worried and asked several times where we were taking him.
“We are taking you to our camp. We want you to see something. And we don’t want the Green Banner to see it, ok?”
This made him curious and he shut up. On our way back to the camp we were stopped by a Green Banner patrol.
“We know you two” the patrol leader said. “But we don’t know the other. What is your purpose?”
I tried to get closer to him, so that our conversation was not overheard by the prisoner, but several swords pointed at me. “Oh, my god” I thought.
“Orders of the General. We are not to be obstructed.” I said.
“Aaah, you are the spies!” the young officer shined with understanding.
“Of course we are no spies! We are guests and neutral here!” I was desperately trying to look as unnatural as I could. He gasped, but a female soldier behind him kicked him several times in the anklebone. “Hmmm, you may continue.” he said in an authoritative voice. Zeratul sighed. “Don’t worry.” He said gently patting the prisoner’s shoulder.
In our camp we entered the big tent and as soon as I ensured we were alone, Zeratul cut the rope tying the man’s hands and showed him the Green Banner flag. “We misplaced this and first wanted to give it to you as a trophy to show our good will. You will leave this place as a free man. But before that we would like to discuss something else. Hellen,  would you fetch something to drink, I think we all need it.”
“My pleasure” I said. “I propose a toast to the beginning of a beautiful… alliance.” Zeratul almost choked, the startled ex-prisoner drank, and we both looked at him. 
“What?” he said.
“Do you know who I am?” Zeratul asked.
“No, milord, but I am at your service. ”
“Ok, it worked. Where is the Golden Arrow?”
“I don’t know milord, I am sorry. We gave it to a young lady, she is very fast and really good in the finding her way in the forest. I have no knowledge where exactly she is right now.”
“But you must have a way to contact her?”
“I am going to escort you back to your settlement now. There you will find a way to contact her. You are to tell her we are your allies and we are going to take further care of the arrow. She is to sneak to this area and drop the arrow somewhere behind our tents without being seen.”

Zeratul returned and reported the plan was on the move. We waited for an hour without any girl with arrow appearing. Instead, a Green Banner messenger ran towards us excitedly.
“We got it!” he cried. “The Doctor is performing the ritual and we expect the Captain to recover. You are welcome to join us.”
“We will be with you shortly.” I said. “What now?” I asked Zeratul when the messenger left.
“Now… We want that arrow, don’t we?”
“What for? They don’t need it anymore.”
“Or so they think.” Zeratul took out his knife and skilfully cut a an arrow point from my copper plate.

Once more, dressed up, the three of us marched to the Green Banner’s camp. I had the General’s present wrapped in my cloak, together with a green banner and an arrow with a yellow painted copper point. The camp was like a humming like a bee hive with joy and excitement. We noticed two strangers, a little isolated from the others.

They did not let us see Fiddler, but soon he went out, feeble, leaning on the Doctor’s arm, and in a quiet, but firm voice hailed his men. A massive hurray saluted him back. No one paid attention at me while I entered the tent. The Golden Arrow was lying on a low table, next to the Captain’s couch. In seconds it changed places with the copper-pointed arrow from inside my cloak. Outside the Captain took a toast with a goblet, which stayed unwatched before that, for just long enough. Five minutes after he felt sick again, from a quite harmless compound, which provoked short dizziness. The men panicked, the Doctor led the Captain back to bed with people crowding around. At that moment Zeratul approached him:
“This is important. I can sense magic and I sense no magic in the arrow you have. I have reasons to believe you got a fake arrow.”
At that moment, to our complete dismay, one of the strangers we noticed earlier, lunged forward and stabbed the General with his dagger.
The man was killed instantly, which I did not notice at that time, as I was too focused not to fail the only healing spell I could do with my new and still very feeble skill. My forehead was sweating  and my hands were trembling, and I almost fell back when I realized it work. Zeratul helped me. The General tried to give orders as soon as he regained consciousness, but he was too feeble. We took advantage of that.
“General,” I said. “Time has come for you to take our present. We would like you to know you should always find time for pleasantries, as you don’t know what might expect you.”
The men were silent after they had killed the assassin, watching the scene. The General unwrapped the cloak and took out the banner first.
“They restored our stolen banner!” the men  whispered.
“And this is the true Golden Arrow. Go heal your Captain” Zeratul said.
“They have found the arrow!”
“And this is a sword made in the blacksmiths of the Heralds of Chaos, back in our lands. We hope it will serve you well and we are looking forward to negotiate some weapon supplies in near future.”
The General remained speechless for a few seconds, than he shaked our hands and greeted us with words of appreciation. Several soldiers raised Zeratul on their arms and took him towards the fireplace in the middle of the camp. Captain “Fiddler” came out once again, with the Doctor. Swiftly I got to his goblet and secretly poured it out.

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Re:The LARP from the point of view of my character
« Отговор #7 -: 30 Май, 2011, 21:52:00 pm »
With the sunset approaching, the bustle and the excitement in the camp started to fade away. More soldiers were returning to their routine; Captain “Fiddler”, leaning on a stick and looking a little pale, was walking around, telling people off, sending them around and grumbling on a general basis. He looked quite rather as a Sergeant, I thought. “Yes, Sir”, the soldiers would say, pretending to feel uneasy, but as he passed, they’d follow him with a smile and a look of affection. After he made his third tour, I felt sorry for the soldiers and asked him to join us.
“Tell us about these Werewolves”, Zeratul asked. “We heard that legend. But did it happen often that they’d attacked like that?”
“Not really, at least not in my lifetime. There is another legend, or rather a fairy-tail, that tells about a Werewolf Overlord of some sort, who gathered an army of lesser  creatures and attacked human settlements to choose a wife worthy of him and abduct her. But this is only something I heard an old woman telling to a boy at the marketplace… “
“Old women often tell the stories we choose to forget in our arrogance”, I thought I was quoting something I once read, but I didn’t remember where.
“Maybe you’re right.” Fiddler  agreed. “I am worried with them carrying weapons. And clearly obeying orders from one that was noticeably bigger and more powerful. He was the one who bit me. Before that he lead the others to have me separated from my people. He was cunning. At first I thought he wanted to capture me. He avoided my hits and he tried to disarm me, rather than hurt me. But when my men almost broke to me, he rushed and knocked me down and bit me.”
“Maybe at first he mistook you for a worthy woman to abduct and when he realized you were a man, he became angry”, Zeratul said. Fiddler looked at him from beneath his eyebrows.
“Or maybe he wanted to abduct him to exchange for a woman who would be brave, loyal and stubborn enough to voluntarily take the place of her Captain to save him. If I was writing the legend, this would be only logical.” I said.
“I don’t know about that.” Fiddler shrugged his shoulders. “But I am really worried with those creatures being able to use weapons.”
“Do you have some rope?” Sahandrian suddenly asked.
“Why, yes, of course we do.”
“Ok, enough talking. We’ll go as soon as the night falls. We’ll try to seize one of them and get some answers.”
“Come on, you cannot seize one. You are going to get hurt, people, I tell you!”
“We’ll see about that.”

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Re:The LARP from the point of view of my character
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We left the settlement of the Green Banner, followed by looks featuring respect and pity alike. After a short discussion we had decided to make for our own camp, on the way searching along the road where our first encounter with the Werewolf was.
“Why didn’t you tell the Captain about that person claiming he was from some wolf tribe or something?” I asked.
“I forgot”, Zeratul answered.
“Oh. Too much stuff is happening, indeed.”

We passed by the overlooking watchtower , unseen.  Wind had come out. For a moment it tore the clouds and against a piece of a brighter night sky we saw the figure of a guard standing on top of the tower – tense, yet bold.

The road was deserted and remained like that for the next hour. The night was all silent, except for the sounds the wind made of the forest. We sneaked towards our camp, slowly, and stopped atop of the small hill that overlooked it, pressing close against the ground. The camp looked empty, desolated. Yet it seemed to me that I saw something blacker than the general blackness around flickering for a blink of an eye, like a hint of movement.
“There is someone there,” I whispered. “Not sure though.”
“Let’s find out”, Zeratul said. He stood up and made a few steps towards the camp. “Show yourself! I want to talk to you”, he added aloud. Neither getting any answer, nor seeing or hearing any movement, he stepped further.

The attack was swift and fierce. At first the creature did not produce any sounds. Impossibly fast for its size, it parried the attacks coming from three different sides with almost no effort. Strange as it was, it seemed reluctant to strike back. “Just as with the Captain”, it passed through my mind.
“Stand back!”, Sahandrian cried, produced the rope out of his bosom and threw the other end to Zeratul. He grabbed it and immediately they tried to incapacitate the beast. That eventually lead to them getting dangerously close to it. For a moment it seemed they had succeeded; the beast looked entangled with the rope and my companions rushed into it to knock it down.  What happened though was that they rather knocked themselves against its body. It suddenly moved both its arms outwards, breaking the rope and pushing them back. Then I hit it with my sword in the back, with all strength, to distract it. It turned to me and swiped with its right paw; I managed to parry, apparently without damaging it, which took me to its left, which probably saved my life, as the end of its move reached me with some delay and less strength; I fell claws driving in my left cheek and continuing down the neck, followed by a straight which threw be back taking my breath out. I was lieing on the ground, immobilized, while, judging by the sounds, it beated Zeratul and Sahandrian and a some large and important bone was broken. Then it just left.

The recapitulation showed I was the only one of the three who was able to walk. Both Sahandrian had a leg broken and a nasty wound on the flank; Zeratul apparently had a badly twisted ankle and several wounds on the body, heavily bleeding. We helped each other to a tree, Zeratul managed to take out some bandages out of his bag and we tried to do something about the blood. I left them, making my way to the Green Banner, too slowly, in the night getting colder. I heard distant sounds of battle as I approached the camp. The bandage was all soaked in blood and I felt dizzier with every step. Than the clamour stopped and I wondered if I was losing my hearing or my consciousness.  An endless amount of steps later I realized it was not my hearing – I registered someone shouting at me from the watchtower, which I ignored. I approached the door and saw the guards at it; I tried to call for help, but it didn’t come out and I didn’t finish the next step, sliding down the ground. Someone seemed to carry me in and there were lights. There was some water and some faces and there was me, trying to communicate the location where my men were. Then there was rattling of weapons, people running in and shouting at each other in excited voices, and the Captain asking me something, which I could not understand, and I saw no more.


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Re:The LARP from the point of view of my character
« Отговор #9 -: 02 Юни, 2011, 08:41:50 am »
Excellent job! good writing!  :bow:
i was always waiting on the edge for next chapter!  ;)
You made me smile on several ocastions! :D

-"The medic, an efficient man with a kindly face"


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Re:The LARP from the point of view of my character
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When I came back to my senses, it was daylight outside the tent, my head felt twice its size and every bone and muscle of my body was screaming in pain. In addition, I realized, some disgusting smell was creeping to make me sick.
“Is it yesterday or tomorrow?” I muttered.
“It is tomorrow”, Zeratul answered. “And they are burning some of that incense they told us about, in case it is not some wet worn socks. But in any case I cannot stand to get to it and throw it away.”
“Still sleeping. They gave him some drug. He is quite broken.”
“Did they find you soon?”
“The last moment before we froze to death. Two of them. The Captain himself and some other guy. They carried us all the way back, running, I don’t know how they managed to do it.”
“You’re not heavy enough and you’re not tough enough, I told you!” the Captain said entering the tent, smiling. “How do you feel? And what the fuck is this smell? You want to suffocate them after I carried them all that way?” he turned to the Doctor.
“No Sir, it is the incense, Sir! It is good to them!”
“Oh. I thought it were socks. Anyway, you better remove it”
“Yes, please”, we said simultaneously.
“I must have been very ill. I haven’t noticed it was that bad when he used it on me. I still think there must be some socks somewhere”, “Fiddler” muttered. “Anyway”, he continued loudly, “we expect a battle this evening. Last night they pressed, they almost attacked us in our camp. And today we can’t go out, we had too many casualties and wounded. You are to remain here.”
“There is not much else we could do anyway” I said sadly.
“Thank you for carrying us yesterday”, Zeratul said.
“You bloody Easterlings” Fiddler scolded us. “You almost died on me!”

With the incense removed, the soup they fed us several times and the additional sleep we got, we felt much better when the evening approached. And very uneasy, too, hearing the sounds of men and women preparing for battle outside. Sahandrian was awake too, pale and depressed.

It started about three hours after the sunset. The howling, coming from all sides, never stopped. On its background the shouts of the Green Banner soldiers, hissing of arrows and the more distant sounds of sword fighting seemed feeble. At some point a soldier rushed inside the tent, looked around widely and shouted at us: “Watch the back of the tent, they might break from behind and tear it!”. I managed to stand up and get our weapons. The sounds of the fight now came from the inside of the camp. I left Zeratul and Sahandrian, who could not walk, with their swords in hand, and crept beneath the canvas at the back end of the tent. There was no one there, so I slowly went round it. Several groups of soldiers appeared to fight outside the fences – it seemed that the attack had been broken after all. In some distance I could hear the voice of the General shouting orders. Inside the camp, about five meters away from me, two soldiers were pressed against the fence by five enemies – two of which looking… well, I suppose that was how a lesser werewolf should look like, and the remaining – human, with swords and armour, and wearing White Eagles’ tabards. With a few steps I found myself behind the attackers. I almost beheaded the first one with a diagonal slash to the left side of his neck and shoulder, blood splashed into my face; thanks to the chainmail he wore I was able to get my sword out just in time to thrust it into the second as he turned and leaped to me. The Green Banner soldiers finished the others; the werewolves did not seem to die harder than our human opponents. It seemed to be over, but we did not have time for pleasantries, this time for real. A large figure stepped out of the darkness to our left and I recognized the creature that had mutilated us. It closed to us, than stopped, with its paws slightly up, ready and menacing. It stared at me intensely, I lowered my sword and stepped back. It seemed to me that it nodded and turned its attention to the soldiers, who stood there, hesitant. The beast thoroughly looked at one of them, then at the other. I realized that one of the soldiers was a young woman. “Run!” I cried, lifting the sword before me in a defensive stance, and that was what they tried to do, but only one made it. The creature seized the lady, removed her helm and throw it away, and hit her. She collapsed in its arms, it tossed her on it shoulder and disappeared back into the shadows.

A month later we headed back home. We still have no treaties signed and no trade routes open with our West neighbours. The attack of the werewolves and their minions had stopped shortly after their overlord disappeared. No one heard of them since, neither of Marina from the Green Banner infantry, lost in action.


Cpt. "Fiddler" Green

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Re:The LARP from the point of view of my character
« Отговор #11 -: 05 Юни, 2011, 22:57:31 pm »
We salute you.
Great story!!! :') Big and loud THANK YOU from all of us.   :D