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English section / PoRtaL 2015
« -: 12 Януари, 2015, 18:14:30 pm »
The third international larp conference PoRtaL will be organized again in Zagreb, on 28.2.-1.3.

Attendance is free for everyone who wishes to join :)

Website: http://portal3.crolarper.com/
Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/352090018309771/

English section / Terra Nova larp, Croatia
« -: 30 Септември, 2014, 20:42:37 pm »

English section / Crolarper forum
« -: 22 Декември, 2013, 01:06:26 am »
Dear Bulgarian larpers, I'd like to invite you all to participate in the newly opened Crolarper forum :)


It's a bilingual larp forum with a higher focus on the crolarper.com content and region around Croatia (yes, that includes Bulgaria ;)), but everyone's invited to sign up and (politely and respectfully) share their knowledge and ideas to other people (tell us how you do stuff that you do)... and perhaps learns something in return :)

Тъмницата / Re: Hello from Croatia!
« -: 10 Април, 2012, 20:34:16 pm »
Hi everyone! Time to dust off this topic a bit :)

First of all, I've updated the links in the first topic so they're not broken anymore.

Second, I'd like to invite you to Terra Nova LARP, a new fantasy LARP in Croatia, which I'm organizing on June 1.-3., here's a trailer that we filmed last weekend:


Тъмницата / Hello from Croatia!
« -: 27 Март, 2011, 14:59:42 pm »
Greetings, fellow Bulgarian LARPers!
My name is Ivan Žalac, I'm the secretary of Udruga Ognjeni Mač, registered non-profit LARP organization from Zagreb, Croatia which is currently running the greatest number of LARP events in Croatia.

I know we're a bit far away :) but we'd still welcome any of your players who decide to come on our LARPs.

We're planning two major four-day (Thursday - Sunday) events this year in Gornja Kupčina near Jastrebarsko, Croatia:

LARP Jaska 7, May 19-22 2011.
LARP Jaska 8, July 21-24 2011.

Those dates are not yet final, I'll let you know as soon as they're confirmed (should be soon enough).

We also organize small single-day events every two weeks during our spring - autumn LARP season (Saturdays, in Maksimir park in Zagreb), and we meet twice a week (Wednesdays and Sundays - often doing LARP workshops), so if any of you happen to be in Zagreb at that time, we'll be happy to welcome you to our LARPS or to our organization headquarters :)

We're prepared to offer you a discount entry price for our events (we're offering it to all our international visitors) since we're painfully aware that trips can cost a lot.

Our ruleset is our own - we're completing the new rulebook by now, we only have a Croatian version at the moment. However, at its core, our system is fully compatible with Amtgard system, and very similar to the one our Serbian friends use on LARP Bukulja. You should have no issues if you wish to convert your existing characters to our system. We consider ourselves playing in the same general, broader game world as LARPers from Serbia - we'll also try to have some of our players at major Serbian LARP events (VLARP and Bukulja) so you can contact them there :)

You're also invited to promote your LARP events on our forum - you can use "Ostali LARPovi" board available on this link: http://www.ognjenimac.hr/forum/index.php/board,14.0.html
Since we use SMF on our forum as well, I believe you'll find it a familiar environment ;)
We also have a board in English just like this one: http://www.ognjenimac.hr/forum/index.php/board,20.0.html

A quick note about the language: Most of our players would probably understand a lot of Bulgarian if you spoke it - however, very few of us are fluent enough in cyrilics to understand written Bulgarian :)

You can reach us here:

Website - http://www.ognjenimac.hr
Forum - http://www.ognjenimac.hr/forum
Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/udrugaognjenimac
Twitter - http://twitter.com/ognjenimac
Google Buzz - https://profiles.google.com/ognjenimac
MySpace - http://www.myspace.com/534672539

Our photo gallery can be found on http://galerija.ognjenimac.hr

Happy LARPing and we hope to hear from you :)

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