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Vladimirovac 2010 / Re:Larp in Serbia, 6-10 May 2010
« -: 19 Април, 2010, 16:34:21 pm »
No problem. I'm here to answer questions, so don't be shy to ask if you think that anything is unclear or hasn't been mentioned.  ;)

Armour and weapons:
First, the armour. All armour is the same, and it does not stack.  So, if you wear brigandine over mail, it does not give you aditional protection.
It would be... hum... courteous to wear armour in a proper manner, but that is up to you.
Secondly, armour must only look like armour. That is to say, that there are no minimal thicknesses, additional value for thicker or layered armour, but, again, it would be nice if you would bring only real armour or pieces that have the similar weight to real stuff.  Ie. 1.5-2mm thick breastplates and helms, ~1,2mm greaves, 1,5mm cuises, leather at least 3mm thick and hardened (or leather covered plastic of similar thickness and weight etc.). Any maille is OK, as long as it does not have very large and thin rings, for example, 20mm inner diameter, made out of 1mm wire.   

For example, this is out of the question (although, you may hide it and use it to provide real protection, even though it will not be counted in the game) http://her-sca-blog.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/05/barrel-armor.jpg

This is OK, although it would be much better if made out of proper steel:
Or leather:
If you opt for leather, 3-4mm make sure it does look like armour, indiscriminately of style:

This time, in order to balance out the game, weapons and armour will be considered indestructible, except if instructed by game-masters.

In the other system that we use for most of events, this is not the case, but that one is far too complicated for this type of event.

Generally, there is no need for such a rule, as most people can be actually back stabbed, even in armour, as they always leave a gap or two big enough for a knife to go through.  I might add a skill-card that will enable you to backstab someone through armour under certain circumstances prior to the event, or later in the game.
I will have to discuss with the rest of organisers if the throat could be made a legal touch-kill target for out-of combat situations.

Wounds and healers

I thought it's important to ask whether healers are mages with instant healing magical-like abilities or something like field medics. Also are they appointed in advance for all teams or do we have to choose someone to be a healer from our side.

There will  be healers as either mages of field-medics, who will be able to do this. They will be chosen among volunteers at the event, or, if anyone really wants to play one, before the event. Healers and clerics are important for balancing the fighting part of the game, so their numbers will be assigned accordingly, and will get special attention.   

Also - if in a battle i lost a limb, is there an option for my limb to be patched up by a healer before the 2 moves and passing out? And just to be on the safe side - by 2 moves you mean 2 only attacks or deffences, not moving around right? Is there a roleplay shout or signal for the healer to take care of one's wounds before he passes out and if so - is this done during or after a battle.

Yes, yes and so-so.
If the healer or player can patch himself up in time, it can be done.
 And yes, 2 attacks, 2 deffences or attack and a defense. No moving around, except for crawling or running out of immediate area of battle, than dropping as if two actions were made.
You may call a healer in any way except MEDIC at any time, if your character is conscious, be it during or after the battle, though, it would be appropriate for most, if not all charracters to pass out after the battle, or leaving the immediate area of battle.  That implies that healers would have to search for wounded and spend some time patching and healing them.

Your charracter dies for the rest of the event, and you may offer yourself to play a generic NPC if there is available garb or role for one, or sit out the rest of the event.  How will that relate to the charracter that returns back to Bulgaria is a decision I can not make without knowing more about your setting. I am not inclined to "kill" guest charractes for good, so adding some biographical details is the first option. This is what I think will be best discussed on Wednesday evening, when you arrive.

Yes and no. All quest items, most of coins,  traps, special objects that are ascribed with any game attributes may be taken without perimssion, except if items are soulbound (which will most likely only be the case with the NPCs).  Your weapons, armour, garb, etc. may be only taken if you allow it. Weapons may also be taken during the battle, without explicit permission,  by players fighting on your side, but must be returned immediately after the battle.

Our law regarding weapons is very strict, and even more stupid, so I advise you not to bring it unless you personally get further info and probably some papers at the embassy. The bow may pass customs as a "toy bow" but you know how idiotic customs officers can be.
IF you find a way to bring it here safely, I'd say it would have a good chance to pass, inspection. We would probably need to either mark the arrows or somehow limit its strenght. If you are willing to mess with the brace height, that would be even better, although I would under no circumstances force you to risk abusing your bow. 

Regarding arrows, I will try to make a drawing to explain manufacture of what we consider safe arrow tips. 

Hope this answers your questions. Do not hesitate to ask if something is still unclear.  ;)
If there is any equipment that you think is problematic, please post pictures and relevant data, so I could give you at least a rough answer.

Vladimirovac 2010 / Re:Larp in Serbia, 6-10 May 2010
« -: 16 Април, 2010, 14:24:58 pm »
Here's the English edition of the rules. It is slightly brief, but it works. The field rules posted earlier still apply, this is just a longer version.


Vladimirovac 2010 / Re:Larp in Serbia, 6-10 May 2010
« -: 16 Април, 2010, 07:10:34 am »
Yes, camping fires are OK in camps, as well as smoking.

I will PM you the instructions and hopefully a map.


Vladimirovac 2010 / Re:Larp in Serbia, 6-10 May 2010
« -: 13 Април, 2010, 19:48:44 pm »
OK, that's a group. :)

Vladimirovac 2010 / Re:Larp in Serbia, 6-10 May 2010
« -: 31 Март, 2010, 04:10:34 am »
The game mechanics and combat rules.

1. Hit to the arm or leg will make you bleed. You can make two moves before you pass out.  Hit to the body,  will get you on the ground immediately.
2. You have 10 minutes to get patched up or you die. 
3. No hits to the Head, neck, hands and groin. They are illegal and don't count, except with missiles (arrows, bolts, sling projectiles, javelins). Valid headshots count as body-shots.
4. All armour protects you against all weapons.
5. Weapons with black ribbons pierce all armour. Each group of players will get several black ribbons.
6. AP weapons should be the slowest and heaviest ones. ...I'll have to figure out which of your weapons will fit our rules etc.

7. Do not hit unarmed players and those wearing red ribbons.
8. If there is a problem, talk to the judge - yellow ribbon
9. when you die, tie on a white ribbon, and do not talk about the game with any players. Do not talk with the live ones at all, unless they are using a skill for that.

10. Thrusts should be light. Valid cuts and strikes are discomforting, close to pain, but they should not hurt.

11. If you are handed a card, or you find one, or seek it, read it, and do what it says. 
12. If you hear a little bell ringing, you have stumbled upon a trap. The part of the body that activated a bell is wounded, but you don't bleed.
13. you may be under effect of or use one positive spell at the time (ie bless) and more than one negative. 99% spells, poisons etc. expire at the time of death or earlier.
14. you have a limited number of lives, and when your character returns to the resurrection point after loosing the last life, he dies.
15. When you die, the weapon and shield (and the piece of armour that was pierced, if it was pierced) are considered destroyed. You need a craftsman to repair them. 

16. Do not abuse the rules. Do not powerplay. (ie. a druid sells all of his mana, buys a life and kills himself. )

This is the most basic field manual translated. Do not worry about else, it will be explained on site, but keep on asking questions.
Charracter building might give me some headache, but I'll translate more, and hand it out as a *.pdf in the weeks to come.
The rules are simple.

There are a couple of more points though...

IF I get the battle magic sorted out, than it will be used in an unrestricted manner.  If I don't, which is most likely to be the case, we'll limit it to in-a-group-only. Ie, Knights of the Green Banner will not be able to use it on Guard of Ravens, nor vice versa.

Cards are used for magic, special skills and abilities. Skills can be used direclty (ie. mage makes the target fall in love with a zombie) or indirectly, through potions, food and objects. This is done by doing the magic ritual with an achemyst present, than sticking the card on a flask, food, in a box etc.  Skills cover these areas: traps, healing, searching, mind control (and related ), poison and power-ups.

Most skills spend 1 mana (players have 10 by default). Mana, lifes, etc. can be transferred into potions for another day or sale.

I will translate the short manual. Also, anyone willing to use any skills, magic etc. should post her/his wishes here so I could have that in mind.  That is one of the reasons I was asking for character info.

Now, that was long. 3 posts.  huh.  ...but there's juice for more tomorrow. :)

Vladimirovac 2010 / Re:Larp in Serbia, 6-10 May 2010
« -: 31 Март, 2010, 03:28:31 am »
Now, to answer Robber's question about the plots and what will be happening in the game.
Game mechanics will be addressed in the next post.

Now, before you start reading the rest, mind that stuff will be added along, as I get more info about how many players are coming, what are their characters likely to do and what is your intended in-game structure at the event.

Fight-wise Thursday and most of Friday are focused on bashing out 2 groups of NPCs and tournament type of fights. Friday evening and Saturday should break into an all-out  war.

All plots will be inter connected, and will start on different days (Thursday, Friday, Saturday), so most players will be able to chose which amount of role play and combat will suit them and act accordingly.  

So, if you want to fight, there will be a lot of fighting. If you want a competative LARP, there will be a lot of opportunity for that. If you want to solve riddles and quests, you can have your go at it. You can do all of it as well.

"Corn-folks" (Раја из 'куруза ) are a fun spin-of from Vladimirovac 4, so they will appear here to loosen up the atmosphere and serve as a warm-up crew for new players. The plot is focused around last years  blood-ball game that went wrong and corn prices, so they've started a rebelion, in which they have managed to kill and retain a corpse of a powerful  soothsayer. The soothsayer must be resurrected and kept alive until the prince arrives. The plot involves a very powerful NPC, blood-ball, several magical items and a peasant mob that is absolutely chaotic in its behavior and cares only for fuZbal and corn prices.

All willing to play a member of a corn-folk mob may send me a PM. Corn-folks will appear, at latest, until Friday morning. Than you will be able to play your own character.

"Vikings" are also a problem for our little princedom, and they are comming in greater numbers this time, deemed to take as much gold back home as they possibly can.  Expect them to keep looking for loot, raquet, magical items, ransom and prisoners for days.

Anyone willing to play a marauder, on the Viking side, to have a lot of fighting, hikking and tactics on hands should send me a PM. Vikings will most likely start fighting Thursday evening and fight through the end of the event.

"Bran" is a mercenary and an alcoholic with a bloody family history, that had worked as a guard of the Great Emperor (who is a carbon-copy of a random Varangian guardsman). Since, he had worked as a mercenary in these lands, and had all of his 10 fingers in a robbery of 8kg of gold with 3 berserkers that he met on his way. The prince, and an unknown man put a price on his head. A very good one at that, equaling 55 daily wages, total. Bounty hunters, bankers and other folks willing to lend or earn large sums of cash will have quite an opportunity to do that, IF they are able to find out who Bran is, capture him, and figure out who is the other person who has put a 30 daily wages price on his head.   (Bounty might be increased in order to increase motivation for getting  AND supplying the ransom.)

There are 3 more plots that will be kept secret until the start of the game. Some are D'n'D type brain-crackers , some are "what would a group of medieval brigands do if they think they would get away unpunished".
Attending groups and players that supply their biographies, will their assignments before the game starts.  
Get involved as much as you can in the character interaction, as owning and twisting non-rule-based information will be of utmost importance for most plots.

Vladimirovac 2010 / Re:Larp in Serbia, 6-10 May 2010
« -: 31 Март, 2010, 03:19:27 am »
It's been a while since my last post, so here it goes:

For weapons, quick and dirty guide:

1. Take a high presure PVC pipe (the green ones are what we use here, they have a 3mm thick wall).
2. Pick a diametar that is sufficient not to make your weapon wobbly.  For refference, 1/2'' is good for swords up to 90/95cm long, 3/4'' for those up to 120cm, and 1'' for those up to 150cm. 
3. Take close cell foam and fresh glue.
4. Cut the cell foam to 3cm longer than your intended blade is.
5. Smear a lot of glue on the core ( PVC ) and rub the PVC against the interior of your foam.
6. take the PVC out and put it back in.
7. Take remaining foam, and stick it inside the 3cm cavity at the tip of your blade, and stick it the same way.
8. tape it all together. Do not compress foam with tape, just stick it. Pay carefull attention to reenforce the tip, and end of the blade.
9. construct a pommel using layers of foam each taped to the PVC untill you get to the diametar of 6,5cm.
10. - OPTIONAL but encouraged -  take a long strip, 1-2cm thick and 3cm wide of open cell foam and glue it along striking edges of the blade.
11. Cover the blade in thinnest nylon that you can find and with a cloth cover.  Fabric should be white, silver, light grey etc. 

-For shields, you need a solid core of 10mm plywood or equivalent plastic. 
-Round of the edges, stick 15mm thick closed cell foam all around them.
-Drill holes every 5-10cm around the edge, and use thin cheap rope to tie the foam to the shield. Nothing will stick it well enough, so it has to be roped.   
-Cover the front and the edges of the shield with 2cm of open cell foam. 
-Cover it all up with fabric and paint it. Use the nylon to waterproof it.
-Put the handles on before the open cell foam.

Open cell foam is what sponges are made of. Close cell foam is what is used for thermoinsulation and comes in great variety. Use the one that is approximately hard as foam sleeping mats for campers, or a little harder.  The foam comes both in sheets and pipes, but buy pipes for the ease of the construction, as they are both cheap, and you won't have to fiddle with sticking layers and layers of it together.

Hitting edges of weapons must have at least 20mm of CCF on them or 10mm of OCF+15mm of CCF. Other parts likely to hit a person must have at least 9mm of CCF on them. 
Shields need  to have edges constructed in the same way as blades, and 20mm OCF on faces.   
No sharp protrudions or similar parts are allowed on weapons, shields and armour (ie. spikes, long bolts, sharp metal etc.)

I'll google out some instructions for you on the web an post them here. I have seen some of your weapons, and most of them seem pretty similar, so I think they will pose no problem.
Post several pics of your weapons, as I'm likely to tell you what appears to work and what not, which will save us a lot of time.

Huh, that was a long one.  ...now, for another one.  :)

Vladimirovac 2010 / Re:Larp in Serbia, 6-10 May 2010
« -: 11 Март, 2010, 19:17:39 pm »
aaaa... The rules that we regularly use have 1-6points of armor, 1-6 points of weapons. If AC<DC, than zou deal 1 dmg. All bodyparts have 1 hp. If you get hit in the body or loose both arms you are dead. With a ton of bonuses, and magic, they are overly complex.  Some of us are still pushing for a card-based-magic (no combat magic) system, with armor going 0-1, and weapons 1-2. Same dmg. dealing rules.  Major difference is that arms, armor and shields get destroyed in combat, and would require repair.  Emphasis on the second system would be to make all the rules necessary to play well lernable in an hour's time. 
Бранич Гавранова is overly complex if it is to be learned in short time, let alone transleted into another language and modified for multy-group use.
G.L.A.R.S. is made for just such kind of events where many groups that use different rules and speak different languages, converge. 

I should have a definite ruling on this in two weeks time and send you the rules that WILL be used on Vladimirovac 5.  Borian told me that lt.cmd.Frost has a copy of our rules (Бранич Гавранова / G.o.R.) at this time. Is that correct? 

Hellen, the deadline is set to 3 weeks prior to the event, for the approximate list of participants. A three of days prior to your departure, we shuould get a near-complete list of Bulgarian attendants.

Robber, I will get back on the plan for the event later.  It is not too scripted, so a lot depends on what would happen on LARPs in the wollowing month and a half.  Also, depending on info that we manage to gather, regarding you charactes, factions and the manner in which BGLARPers are likely to play, we should be able to add a specific part of plot, other than "here is a group of merchants, mercs and adventurists". 

I'll post more details about the game itself pretty soon.

Vladimirovac 2010 / Re:Larp in Serbia, 6-10 May 2010
« -: 09 Март, 2010, 17:23:50 pm »
Your count is surely right, but unfortunately it is not reliable. I personally have knowledge of 3 people, who are pretty sure to come and who never posted in this thread; at the same time I am afraid some of those who posted might appear likely not to come.

Hmmm. That's something already.  That can let us calibrate the game for any eventualities.

My suggestion: give us a reasonable deadline (would 3 weeks in advance be good enough for you to be able to manage the organization?) to provide you with the number of BG participants and list of names and details you request. We will manage to organize ourselves to comply with that deadline in one way or another.

It seems that 3 weeks are reasonable, I just need minimal number of players that will come. I'll check with the rest of organisers when would we need which data. Basically, I have what i need regarding number of participants now.  I'll get back to you ASAP regarding this.

...    .As for your event, I consider it very unlikely that any of the clans would be able to come with so many of their members to play as a clan. I am not speaking on their behalf ofc, so they will correct me if I am wrong. Still, I believe it will not be applicable to group us - BG guests, by our clan affiliation.   ....

OK, does that suggest that there is a reasonable chance that players are equally likely to split among the 3 factions, side with one, or even act as an independent group and a fourth side?   

I would like to thank you very much for your efforts and expess my highest appreciation of your management and organization. I am looking very much forward to coming.
Thank you very much.  :bow:
 I will do my best to keep up with the track of things and make the game as interesting as possible.

I will have more questions later. 

Vladimirovac 2010 / Re:Larp in Serbia, 6-10 May 2010
« -: 08 Март, 2010, 15:38:45 pm »
OK. I think I have some grasp of your game now, but as a part of the event organizing team I need more. 

Also, If my count is right, about nine people said that they would come. Now, I need an approximate list of people that can confirm with reasonable certainty, that they would come and play in order to make proper technical arrangements. For that, I would need full name, passport number (if you have one now, and are willing to share it this early) and an active e-mail. Please use personal messages for that. 

Then there are more questions abut your game.

Firstly, I see that you have clans. What are they? Separate organizations or in-game groups or both?
Then, which clans etc. are likely to attend the event and with how many people each (fewer than 3, fewer than 5, fewer than 10, more than 10)?
What are the relations among the participating clans/clan members and what are their agendas?

Lт.Cmd Frost, Yоu and Zeratul are the founders of clan Messengers of Chaos. Right? You said that you would be likely to visit us, so, could you give me just the most basic data about your clan? From what I've managed to read, it seems that your clan has no real in/game officers, titles and hierarchy but is still a tight group that would stick together in most situations. (Even though every character has the right to do as it pleases.)  Did I get this right? What would you add? How does the clan actually work in the game?

Oh, and a quick update on what we are expecting to happen in the game, so you could see why I'm asking so many questions.
We expect a 3-sided war, one or two (in/game) weddings, an attempt of a cash-laden bandit to redeem himsef in order to avid a trial, a clash of two religious groups inside the Guard of Ravens, and a manhunt for a guy who has some documents that are important both for the current prince, as well as for his enemies. 

What follows is our estimated time-table. Only two things are set in stone. Vikings fighting everyone, and Saturday war. Everything else is expected and based on the current events. As Vladimirovac is the focal time of the game, there is no reason to worry that most of the things happening in the game will have their pinnacle then.  I expect that the game will get more complicated by then, with more plots unraveling, but who knows!

5.May, Wednesday: Camp set-up, and time for early arrivals.
6.may, Thursday: Start of the event and of the game. Just some marauding by a band of looter-killer Vikings and their allies. Lots of time for roleplay, group mingling etc. All of the major plots will be happening on the 6th and 7th may, other than fighting and tournament( s ), some of them climaxing as late as Sunday.   
7.may, Friday: by the end of the day, we may have 3 warring sides. Some of the plots will end (by) then, others will progress and speed up.
8.may, Saturday: Now, this is a war-day. Anyone that did not take sides by this time, would have to either lay low or be able to fight for neutrality. Characters would not be able to make many moves, but as it is war, any freelancer, traitor, spy or tradesman, that played smart, would have a chance to make a big hit.
9.may, Sunday: By this time, we expect all sides to be bled dry and sign a truce (lots of space for those individuals who have played smart in the past days) in order to avoid mutual destruction, and final death of too many characters. Of course, this is only an estimate, as we are doing our best to make this part unpredictable. Also, there is a possibility that a wedding of two important characters would take place, but that would depend on what would happen in the first three days of the game. End of the game, early departures, and the main party.
10.may, Monday: Camp breakup, we're off to civilization.

Feel free to ask anything related to the game or event, Borian and I will be happy to keep answering all the questions.
You'll be kept up to date with everything related to the event.

Huh. This was a long one. Hope I've got you more intrigued by now and hope to see some confirmations soon. :)

Vladimirovac 2010 / Re:Larp in Serbia, 6-10 May 2010
« -: 27 Февруари, 2010, 13:45:50 pm »
I'm not at home 'till Monday so i'll post then more.
From what you've said, your game seems pretty similar to ours.

Vladimirovac 2010 / Re:Larp in Serbia, 6-10 May 2010
« -: 25 Февруари, 2010, 23:26:41 pm »
OK. That is somewhat sorted. Now it is time for me to ask some questions about YOUR game and what YOU like and how you are used to play.
The reason for this is that we need to do several things to make sure you have fun playing. Firstly, we will have to modify the rules, or add some event-specific ones in order to make transition from one to another system easy.   

Also,  I need to know what are your typical games like.
A ) Are they "kill the dragon, take the treasure, rescue the princess" DnD type grind, or Vampire the masquerade cutthroat stab-in-the-back type of thing?
B ) How much fighting are you accustomed to?  How much tactics is involved?
C )How much is an average player prepared  to walk from one to another game-relevant location?
D ) How much plot is there behind a battle on larger events? 
E ) Is your game more oriented to the characters or it revolves around a small number of characters leading larger groups of other players?
F ) REgarding point E, how much NPC involvement is common in your game Vs independent character interaction?
g ) And rules-wise, how much magic and other rule-based skills are commonly used in Bulgaria? Ie. Mages, druids, clerics, bards and other spellcasters. How about warriors that use special skills that are not covered by general fighting rules?

Now, I know that most of these questions cover broad topics, but if more of you can answer the same ones, I think I'll be able to get a good grasp your game well enough to make arrangements for introducing you to our game on a more personal, rather than group level.

Now, regarding our rules, I have been told that there will be a field manual in English, one for every foreign player, so the only question remains is how many of other Bulgarian LARPers, that have not posted here, and are not English speakers are likely to attend the event. 

Vladimirovac 2010 / Re:Larp in Serbia, 6-10 May 2010
« -: 25 Февруари, 2010, 03:42:07 am »
Woho! Nice. :)

I'll dig some photos up as our main photoarchive (Photobucket IIRC) crashed some time ago, and the photos were not uploaded again.

In the mean time...
 A facebook group: http://www.facebook.com/?ref=logo#!/group.php?v=photos&gid=251352164016&so=15
 MySpace acc. http://viewmorepics.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewAlbums&friendID=400014693  - Check Vladimirovac III photos.

Vladimirovac 2010 / Re:Larp in Serbia, 6-10 May 2010
« -: 24 Февруари, 2010, 21:02:39 pm »
We are making arrangements to facilitate use of English in the game itself. Almost of the spells and skills that we use are copied and translated form Amtgard, so an English copy should be readily available, but I'll have to check which version of Amtgard was used. We are also contemplating other alternatives.

My experience so far is that with some slow talking and some hand waving Bulgarian and Serbian are pretty much mutually understandable. Had been to Nesebar a couple of years ago and had no need for any other language than SErbian. English did make things easier from time to time. The only thing that might be a problem is the fact that some Bulgarians pronounce ь or ъ as "A" and others as a mute vowel. And Serbian speakers from the southern parts of the country and those knowing some Russian or old Slavic have no problems at all.

It is a similar thing with Czech. Croatian is even easier. Hungarian could be a problem, but Borian is working on that.

Vladimirovac 2010 / Larp in Serbia, 6-10 May 2010
« -: 24 Февруари, 2010, 17:10:20 pm »
Here's the location of the game site in relation to Belgrade:

The village/town itself is about an hour's walk from the site.  

And the game site itself:

Pin marks the usual location of the main camp.  
We usually play in and around the forest where the camp is.  You can get a good idea about the topography if you take a look at it in google earth and exaggerate elevations to the factor of 3.  
There are 2 commonly used lookout towers, one 700m to the SSE, and another about 200m to the East. They are in the close proximity to al locations commonly used as in-game camps.  We might move Viking camp out of th area on this map.  

Oh, and a pretty important thing that I forgot to inform you of:
Nights can be pretty COLD (guess 5-10C ) around 1st may,  so bring warmer sleeping bags and warm clothes.  I've seen you LARP in the winter, so I assume that you are equipped well enough for that.  Winter sleeping bags are a slight overkill even for me, but summer ones are a bit chilly for most. During the days, temps go up to 30-35 C if we don-t catch a lot of rain. 

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