The Boundaries of the Game


On 2 December 2017 LARP – Bulgaria with the kind support Drugiat Zamak Boardgames Club and Store, is organizing a workshop for players, organizers, theorists and researchers in the area of the live action roleplaying games.

During the workshop, we will try to answer the following questions through discussions and simulations:

– from the point of view of psychology: how to determine the boundary between the state of play and non-play of the individual player; who should do it;  to what extent and how other players and game masters should respect it;
– from the point of view of game studies: whose task is the management of ingame and out of game knowledge, are there any mechanics for this or it is entirely a question of interpretation and responsibility; as well as a topic that we have been dealing with for some time now – bleed management.

The working language for the workshop is Bulgarian.


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