Тук нещо яко

Тук някакъв много як текст и картинка

Още нещо яко

И бла бла

This is yet another caption title

There is again content for the slide and you can use links and other type of HTML tags to make this more interesting.
Първи вид ларп

Първи вид ларп

Инфо з апърви вид ларп
Втори вид ларп

Втори вид ларп

Инфо за втори вид ларп
And underneath the columns you can have 2 more text boxes that also support HTML tags and [shortcodes]. You can also choose to have just one text area or none. Deleting all text inside the appropriate input in the Parabola Settings will remove this whole text area.
As you can see it's really all up to you. You are free to do whatever you like.
It's a multi-universe of options and you are only limited by your (and our) imagination! Have fun!